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Home and Away spoiler: New romances set to rock the Bay

Will Tane and Felicity sort things out?

Things are looking like they’ll heat up in Summer Bay in 2024, with a couple of new rumoured romances set to air on Home and Away.

With last season leaving fans on a huge cliffhanger of whether Remi or Eden were going to survive a hit and run and kidnapping, a new promo for Home and Away has teased a few potential new storylines that are looking rather juicy.

While the promo focused on the cast of the show sitting over lunch and laughing and chatting together, it also teased some potential new scenes and flashbacks including what looked to be Mackenzie and Levi kissing.

Is it all real? Is it a fantasy? Is it a Mackenzie in an induced coma dream?

In other news, it also appears that Xander and newcomer Dana are getting closer, hinting at another new Bay romance, while Tane and Felicity are seen giving each other pained, longing looks after their separation in the final weeks of the 2023 season.

Many fans of Home and Away are eager to see where the series goes in the first few months of 2019 after watching the trailer.

One reader wrote, “I hope Mac and Dr. Levi stay together—she deserves happiness.”

Another said, “Wohooo love is in the air!”

Another person said, “Xander and Dana make sense,” and another person agreed. “I’m fully vibing with this Dana and Xander thing.”

Although judging by the comments, there was also one couple many fans wanted to see (back) together.

“I’d love to see Flick and Tane reconcile. They deserve to be happy,” one person said.

“We need Tane and Flick to be back together!” another agreed.


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