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Home and Away death fears for Ryder Jackson in shock new storyline

Ryder Jackson’s newest internet video prank goes horribly wrong, and fans of Home and Away in the UK will see him fear for his life next week.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been attempting to pay off his debt by collaborating with Theo Poulos on challenges and pranks, which they record and sell online.

The stakes are raised even higher in next week’s shows on Channel 5, when Ryder comes up with a risky plan.

Ryder informs Theo (Matt Evans) that he’s willing to be buried alive and broadcast the whole thing live on the internet.

Armed with shovels and a coffin, the boys are soon heading out into the wilderness to put the plan into action.

After working out the details, the two decide that Ryder will have to stay below for five hours.

In the event of an emergency, Theo offers to stay close by. Ryder enters the casket when everything has been settled, and Theo begins filling the hole they’ve excavated.

Unfortunately, untrustworthy Theo soon breaks his pledge and leaves the graveyard to get some lunch.

Theo runs into Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) at the Diner and finds her in a poor place as a result of the recent disclosures about her father Matthew Montgomery.

Chloe appreciates Theo’s willingness to walk her home, and they bond through their experiences with awful fathers.

When Theo gets a series of panicked phone calls from Ryder, he cuts his time with Chloe short and reluctantly returns to the grave.

Theo promises a worried Ryder that he’s almost there over the phone.

Theo trips in the middle of a statement, falls down a ravine, and is knocked out.

Ryder is in a panic after hearing the scary accident, wondering what has happened to Theo and whether he would now be stranded beneath with no one to aid him.

Fans of Home and Away in Australia have already witnessed these dramatic scenes in the 2021 season finale, which aired in November last year.


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