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From Harry Potter to Home and Away: Get to know newcomer Kirsty Marillier

Characters leave the drama-filled town of Summer Bay in a variety of ways, including car crashes, explosive fires, and divorce. But it’s when new residents arrive, bringing new life and plotlines to Home and Away, that the real excitement begins.

Rose, played by Kirsty Marillier, is the newest inhabitant. Kirsty has previously been in Melbourne’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as well as Sydney’s Home, I’m Darling, and The Cherry Orchard. In 2018, she made a cameo as Rhea in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.

Kirsty has already began recording parts for the programme next year, bringing her theatrical abilities to Summer Bay. On Wednesday, when the programme celebrated her casting, the actress uploaded a bright photo from the Palm Beach filming site.

“Summer Bay will welcome a new character named Rose in 2022! Please join us in welcoming Kirsty Mariller to the cast of Home and Away “On the show’s official account, the production team wrote.

Nicholas Cartwright and Laura Vazquez, the hair and make-up artist for Home and Away, were among those there to congratulate Kate on her new role.

Kirsty said she was “ecstatic” to share her current position with fans when the news was initially disclosed last week.

She posted on Instagram, “Can now come clean with this hot bit of news I’ve been harbouring for the previous 2 months.” “I’m overjoyed to report that I’ve been cast as a series regular on Home and Away.” Woah.


“It’s a little surreal to be a part of this Australian icon-of-a-show.” It’s been a fantastic 6 weeks of filming as I get to know the bay as Rose, the new resident brown girl.”

In 2022, Channel Seven will reintroduce Home and Away.


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