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Does Justin go to prison in Home and Away?

We adore the stories and the characters, especially Justin, but in case you’re wondering whether he’s been locked up, we have some explanations.

How does Justin fare in Home and Away?
When Justin learned that his daughter Ava had gotten into a stranger’s car, he started looking for her.

But Justin found out that Ava got into a fight with Theo after damaging Kirby’s musical instruments and then hopped into the car.

Additionally, she had made the irrational assertion that she was dating Theo.

Justin was upset about his daughter going missing, and he blamed Theo.

Theo had written Ava an apology message, though, explaining that he had made a mistake and he hoped she was alright in a last-ditch effort to make things right.

Ava decided to take advantage of the fact that she had read the message incorrectly and answered that she was in trouble, which Theo subsequently forwarded to Justin.


Later, Justin discovered Ava on a mattress in the back of a stranger’s combi while he was still nude.

After assessing the situation, Justin hurried to the stranger.

He then shocked Ava by punching a naive Conor in the face.

In Home and Away, does Justin serve time in jail?
Later, Justin was summoned to court to answer for his deeds.

Despite disputing the facts of being duped by his own daughter, Justin entered a guilty plea and acknowledged that he made a mistake by reacting violently.

Alf Stewart offered proof in Justin’s favour in the hopes that his standing at the Surf Club would have some sway.

However, the judge opted to sentence Justin for grievous bodily harm (GBH) and gave him an 18-month, community-based intensive correction order.

Additionally, he mandated that Justin do 500 hours of community service and counselling for anger control.

Justin might be detained and sentenced to prison time if he disobeyed his instruction.

Nevertheless, Justin and his loved ones rejoiced in the news and expressed their gratitude that he wouldn’t be going to jail.

Justin was pulled back to earth by Theo, who warned him that juggling his employment obligations with 500 hours of community service would be challenging.

Theo and Leah received an apology from Justin, who admitted to having put them through a nightmare that had affected them.

What transpires in Home and Away with Ava?
Ava left Summer Bay after knowing her father needed some distance as a result of her behaviour.

Ava felt guilty and held herself responsible for everything that had transpired after Justin’s attorney said he might serve time in prison.

Ava is asked to return to her mother’s home by Justin in an effort to shield her from the potential agony of his conviction.

Ava became upset because her father wanted to remove her and resisted going.

She made the point that she had previously lost contact with Justin because of witness protection and didn’t want to do so again.

After considering her actions, she acknowledged that what she really desired was a close relationship with her father.

Leah, Justin’s partner, eventually convinced Ava to leave so that Justin could concentrate on his legal battle.

Leah argued that Justin would have been more concerned with defending Ava if she had been present in the courtroom.

Justin found it especially difficult when Ava subsequently said goodbye to her family since he could have to say goodbye to her one last time before going to prison.


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