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An ultimatum, a confession and a heartbreaking diagnosis: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

Neve (Sophie Bloom) returns to the Pier Apartment this week and acknowledges she needs to confront her acute PTSD symptoms. Logan (Harley Bonner) is happy with the breakthrough, but things aren’t looking good when he confides in a friend to find out what Neve’s alternatives are. Will Neve do the right thing or try to flee once more when she finds out?

Meanwhile, Theo (Matt Edwards) is concerned to learn that his community service paperwork has been delivered to his parents’ address. He calls his mother right away, asking her to hide the letter from his father. Overhearing the call, John (Shane Withington) asks Theo: what’s the big deal with Dimitri knowing about his conviction? Theo then carefully confesses a secret, which horrifies John.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), on the other hand, is transported to the hospital with terrible stomach pains. Logan brings him in for appendix surgery, and the Paratas are relieved to learn that they will be able to spend more time with him while he heals than they had anticipated. When Logan completes the operation, however, he receives news that twists everyone’s world on its head…

Here’s what’s on Home and Away this week, starting Monday, April 4th.

Logan gives Neve an ultimatum: turn herself in or face the consequences

Logan is worried about Neve’s well-being after she left him a goodbye note indicating that she was leaving him for good. She does, however, return to the Pier Apartment on her own after a search for her. Logan accepts that her PTSD symptoms necessitate professional help and confides in a friend about her alternatives. She’s facing a minimum of seven years in military prison as a result of her reaction. Neve refuses to give herself in, but Logan threatens to do so if she doesn’t…

Theo tells John about his abusive childhood

When Theo arrives for his first day of community service, he is surprised to see that his paperwork was mailed to his previous address, his parents’ home. He calls his mother as soon as he can and tells her to keep the documents hidden from Dimitri. When John overhears the talk, he pulls Theo aside. They have a heart to heart, and John wonders why he’s so concerned about Dimitri finding out about his conviction. Theo reluctantly admits that his father has always had a temper and that he was frequently beaten up as a child…

Alf is concerned that Ryder will not return home

Ryder recently decided to leave because he no longer wanted to be around Roo and Alf’s arguing. In the aftermath of the Buried Alive hoax, Roo reaches out to him, concerned about his mental health. Ryder claims to be seeking help from a counselling hotline, while Roo argues that returning home would be preferable. Ryder, on the other hand, insists that he’ll be OK in a caravan, and Alf begins to worry that his grandson may never return.


John shows to be a wise advisor to Cash

Cash is baffled by Jasmine’s attitude after he declined her request to move in with her. He isn’t convinced by her assurances that everything is alright. When he tells John about it, the elder man offers some advice: when a woman claims everything is good, she’s lying! Cash chooses to follow John’s advise and apologise straight immediately if he wants to get his relationship back on track…

When Brett arrives at Karen’s residence, she is enraged

Karen is getting on Ziggy and Dean’s nerves, bugging them about additional grandchildren and avoiding discussions about Brett. Ziggy looks into Brett on the internet but finds nothing suspicious about him — Karen simply appears to be terrified of commitment. Karen makes preparations to cook up a storm, much to their surprise, so they make some hidden plans… Brett arrives at the house after everyone has finished eating. Karen is irritated by the unannounced visitor, and a fight ensues…

Chloe informs Mia that she despises the jail wedding

Mia has gotten a melancholy package containing her wedding gown. The wedding will no longer be the celebration she had envisioned, and it will most likely take place in prison. She is, however, determined to make the best of the situation and presents Chloe with a bridesmaids gown. Chloe’s reaction is negative, as she believes she is to blame for Mia and Ari’s happiness. She tries on the gown, but it doesn’t feel right, and she shouts at her mother, claiming that she despises the gown and everything about the wedding…

Dean takes on the role of middleman in his mother’s relationship

Dean gets Karen to chat after the emotional supper, and she says that she’s frightened of getting injured by another man. Dean claims that Brett is only there to love her, but Karen claims that she is too afraid to believe in love. Dean eventually persuades her – it all boils down to believing that you have the right to be happy. Karen, dressed to the nines and with a newfound patience, asks Brett over for a chat. Will Dean’s mediation efforts be successful?

Ari has terminal cancer, Logan reveals

Mia receives a distressing call from the prison, informing her that Ari has been admitted to the hospital. She runs over to him and discovers him on a stretcher, suffering from severe abdominal pains. Logan gets some scans and discovers that he’s having issues with his appendix, which necessitates surgery to remove it. The Paratas discover the silver lining, which means they will have more time with him as he recovers from the operation. However, after the surgery, Logan receives some surprising news: his appendix problems are far more serious than he had anticipated. Ari has appendix cancer and tumours in his belly. The chances of surviving are nil…


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