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Neighbours: Paul discovers Montana’s secret | Home and Away: Roo reaches out to Martha

This week in Erinsborough and Summer Bay…

Neighbours, Monday to Friday, 1.45pm and 5.30pm

Monday: Ned wants to talk to Harlow but can’t seem to find a quiet moment with her. After hearing David’s confession, Aaron is taken aback and seeks answers from Freya. Nicolette accepts Kiri’s invitation to join them on a street beach trip.

Roxy and Kyle are leaving for Darwin on Tuesday, but not without throwing a farewell party. Harlow takes Corey to divert herself from Ned, and everyone assumes they’re dating. She hasn’t been able to speak with Ned, and she is enraged to find that he told Kyle about them.

Paul is hesitant to invest in Montana’s cosmetics line on Wednesday. Karl is eager to demonstrate to Susan that he can provide her with the life she deserves. When Ned sees Harlow and Corey together, he becomes envious. Amy wants to make a strong first impression at the party by wearing a beautiful gown.

Thursday: Paul has figured out Montana’s secret: she’s been falsifying her tax returns for years, and the IRS is on to her. Chloe and Kiri’s chemistry is electric, and they’re always on the verge of much more. Karl had a sense of financial pride for the first time in his life after investing in Montana’s cosmetic line.

Friday: Montana has broken up with Leo, and she’s ratcheting up the costs for Fashion Week, according to Paul’s master plan. The ransom date is approaching quickly, and Aaron, David, and Freya are running out of time. Glen is worried that as he gets closer to Kiri, he may reveal the truth.

Home and Away, Monday to Friday, 1.15pm on Channel 5

Monday: Dean meets with Ziggy to discuss his intervention, which he is anxious won’t work. Felicity tries to contact Tane but is unable to do so. Ari’s family finds it difficult to accept his decision. Mia, who is shaken, keeps her mouth shut until she is alone with Ari.

Tuesday: Ari’s family has a bittersweet surprise in store for him, but they won’t be able to get away from reality for long. Tane wants Felicity to be a part of the family, Bella assures her. With Karen and Brett, Dean and Ziggy had reached the end of their rope.

Wednesday: Ziggy and Dean are relieved to have their home back to themselves, but their happiness is short-lived when Dean receives an unexpected call. Logan is taken aback when he learns of Mackenzie’s amorous history with Ari. Ryder informs Justin and Theo about Alf’s apologies. Ryder is encouraged by Theo to back Chloe.

Alf, Roo, and Theo search for Ryder on Thursday. John mulls on his previous animosity for Ari. Theo and Ryder put their videomaking abilities to good use. Roo makes contact with Martha. Ryder and Felicity form a friendship as a result of their fathers’ deaths. Cash reconsiders his decision to move in.

Friday: Theo and Ryder notice that putting their videos to good use has brought them closer together. Chloe and Bella band together to help Mia, who is despondent and barely eating. Mia receives a helping hand from Jasmine, who expresses her gratitude. With Irene, Cash is having trouble finding his social graces.


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