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Why Lukas Radovich thinks Home and Away needs more LGBTQI+ storylines

In his role as Ryder, Alf Stewart’s grandson, Australian actor Lukas Radovich has joined the Summer Bay royalty (Ray Meagher). Since his debut on Home And Away in 2017, the 26-year-old actor has made waves, including appearing in one of the drama’s rare LGBTQI+ storylines, in which he was almost kissed by his character’s closest friend Ty (Darius Williams).

Would your former classmates be shocked to learn where you are now?

To be honest, I doubt it. I’ve always been the dramatic one in the family. I was usually the first one to volunteer for school plays, so I don’t believe anyone was shocked when I decided to pursue a career in acting. I believe it would have been more startling if I had become a scientist.

What was your very first paid position?

When I was 16, I actually worked at a casting agency. I obtained the job through work experience in high school, which we did in year nine or ten, and I simply kept working weekends whenever they needed additional help. Laura Cox, the casting director with whom I worked most closely, is also an actress who portrayed my mother on Home And Away. We were ecstatic to be working together again, albeit in a different role.

What has been the most humiliating experience you’ve ever had while filming?

On my first day on set, it occurred. I was being pursued by an actor (Scott Lee, who portrayed Hunter), and as I turned, I dislocated his finger when it became hooked in my jacket. My first day was spent sitting and watching as he filled out an incident report form while I was saying, ‘Hey, I’m truly sorry.’


Who is your personal hero?

I don’t have a hero, but I am motivated by others, and (this year) I was inspired by watching the Olympics and hearing all of the competitors’ tales about how they got there. Watching the Tunisian swimmer (Ahmed Hafnaoui) win gold was definitely one of the most inspirational moments for me (in the 400m freestyle). Because no one expected it, the cameras were mostly focused on the Americans, Canadians, and Australians throughout the race.

What would you do if you weren’t a performer?

I’d probably still be working in the entertainment industry if I wasn’t acting since it’s all I’ve ever known. So, most likely, I’d work as a casting director since, as I previously stated, it was my first job and I loved it. I enjoy being on the other side of the lens as well.

You’ve recommended that there should be more LGBTQI++ stories on Home And Away. Why?

Primarily because the audience’s reaction to the Ty (Darius Williams) and Ryder narrative made me realise how essential those kinds of storylines are. On Instagram, I received several responses from small children expressing their delight with the tale and their want for it to continue for a little longer. They seemed to recognise themselves in the characters, which I believe is a testament to the writing. (More LGBTQI+ stories) are absolutely needed. It should just become more permanent. It attracts a new audience, and the larger the audience, the better.

What is the most significant life lesson you learned from your parents?

Most likely, to examine everything, to question everything, and to create an opinion based on the finest information and research available. Also, to pause before speaking. It’s something I think about on a daily basis, and I’m glad for it. My folks, I suppose, started at the bottom and worked their way up. They didn’t finish high school and ended up going to university and self-educating themselves in their later years. They both came from low-income families, so I believe education is very important to them, and I believe that is something they have handed down to me.

What is your most heinous habit?

Sometimes I’m not even conscious that I’m doing it, but I simply cut my fingernails and leave them lying about. They are discovered by my housemates, who are all aware that it is I who is responsible. I never seem to be able to locate the clippers in a timely manner.

Lukas Radovich is fond of:

Movies: I have an unhealthy obsession with watching movies.

The beach: I enjoy going to the beach even in the winter.

My pasta maker: I enjoy cooking. Having so much free time during lockdown has been fantastic since I’ve been able to make a variety of dishes.

Lukas Radovich despises the following:

People who speak over others: Those who feel compelled to be the room’s loudest voice.


Milk: I’m not a fan of any kind of milk.


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