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Seven announces Home and Away Classics on 7Plus


The Home and Away archival episodes will be streamable on 7Plus, according to the Seven Network.

During tonight’s season finale, the network made the revelation in an email.

The email’s message, “Stay in Summer Bay This Summer,” gave readers a taste of what they may expect.

“Starting with the 1988 pilot, you may watch the most recognisable episodes this summer to satisfy your Home and Away fix!

“We have hand-picked the most moving stories, including births, deaths, marriages, and tragic events like the epic bus tragedy in 2002 and the great storm of 2011,” the website states.

The episodes reportedly depict Kit giving birth to Archie and Leah and Vinnie’s wedding.

The digital portal for the Australian network, 7Plus, provides a dedicated “fast channel” for network dramas including All Saints and Blue Heelers as well as a substantial back catalogue of Australian dramas.

Episodes of specialised shows are broadcast on “speed channels” around-the-clock for fans to immerse themselves in.

The streaming service has previously made ancient episodes of Home and Away available. The network previously broadcast 65 episodes that covered the most significant weddings, deaths, and births from the series. The most shocking incidents in the history of the show were examined in the next segment, “Most Shocking Moments.”

In order to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary in January 2023, My5 in the UK is currently showing one episode from each year of its run.

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