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Home & Away fans unhappy over The Voice plans

It’s a complete sham…

Fans of Home & Away are displeased with Seven’s decision to postpone an episode next week in favour of The Voice for the second time.

Faced with the premieres of Lego Masters and MasterChef Australia, Seven will air The Voice at 7 p.m. on Easter Monday, giving the network a 30-minute advantage over the competition.

The first night is critical for the three major franchises, with viewers likely to become invested after seeing 2022 characters in episode 1.

It’s at least the second time Seven has used this strategy, after delaying episodes when My Kitchen Rules was handed a 7pm timeslot against MAFS in 2019.

A petition for fans has already been created on, with around 500 signatures so far.

“I am creating this petition to have Channel Seven stop putting other tv shows in the time period of Home and Away,” fan Jamie Whitworth wrote. This has been going on for far too long, and why should Home and Away suffer because other shows, such as The Voice, are being aired in its place? I’d like the network to take note and realise that when they cancel programmes, they lose people to other channels.”

Summer Bay viewers should expect a return to normal next Tuesday, when the soap airs at 7 p.m.


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