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Home and Away’s Cash Newman to destroy evidence after deadly chemical attack

The final episode of Home and Away for UK viewers in 2021 ended on a big cliffhanger, with someone attempting to kill Tane Parata.

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), who was previously accused of being engaged in Tane’s continuing stalker plot, will be the leading suspect of the attack when the serial returns later this month.

The police inquiry was first overseen by her brother Cash, but it has now been turned over to the Federal Police.

Jasmine, Cash’s girlfriend, discovered a receipt for chemicals in Felicity’s caravan, which looks to implicate her, but Felicity claims it was put there.

After assessing the crime scene, Federal Police Detective Nasser interrogates Cash about probable motivations for attacking Tane. Felicity approaches Cash in a panic and wants to talk to him right now, interrupting Cash and Detective Nasser in the middle of their chat.

Detective Nasser is instantly interested in collecting a statement from Felicity after hearing about the restraining order she obtained against Tane after he accused her of following him. Felicity continues to declare her innocence to her brother after Detective Nasser is out of earshot, maintaining by her assertion that the receipt was placed.

It’s all too much for Felicity, who flees to her vehicle in terror. Felicity’s truck is a shambles when Jasmine arrives. Jasmine attempts to think of who may want to frame her, but Felicity is as perplexed by the issue.

Cash confesses to Jasmine that he is scared to look into the receipt further in case it reveals his sister’s involvement.

Detective Nasser confronts Cash about following leads back at the station, but Cash is worried with the possibility that his sister is involved. Cash calls the shop where the pesticides were purchased and heads over to inspect their accounts after Detective Nasser is out of sight.

Felicity is persuaded by Jasmine to accompany Detective Nasser to the station to provide the statement for which he is pursuing her. Cash spots Felicity exiting the statement room with Detective Nasser and inquires as to why he wasn’t informed of her interview; nevertheless, the Detective reminds Cash of his status, forcing him to back down.

When Cash takes his sister home, he informs her that the checks he ran on the transaction don’t confirm her innocence, but to her surprise, he burns the receipt and promises not to tell his coworkers about the evidence.


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