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Home and Away to revisit Nikau and Bella’s relationship issues in new story

In new scenes for UK fans, Home and Away will revisit Nikau Parata and Bella Nixon’s relationship troubles.

Fans will recall that Nikau cheated on Bella with modelling agent Sienna earlier this year, and while they split up after he confessed, things changed after Nikau was involved in a major automobile accident.

After initially stonewalling Bella, who was eager to give him another opportunity despite his adultery, the two agreed to try their love again.

However, previous issues are likely to resurface in the New Year, with images showing Bella feeling nervous as false rumours circulate that Chloe Anderson cheated on Ryder Jackson with Theo Poulos prior to their divorce.

Irene Roberts senses Bella’s anxiety, and realises it’s reminding her of her own problems and struggles with Nikau. After a surf, Ziggy Astoni observes Bella appears weird and goes to check in with her to see if she is well.

Bella reveals that she isn’t fully over Nikau’s previous behaviour during some ‘Ziggy time,’ but she isn’t sure how to move on without being honest with Nikau. She’s also concerned that bringing up the past may cause them to stumble.

Will she be able to open up to Nikau about where she’s at? Ziggy proposes it, but will she be able to follow through?


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