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Home and Away star’s wild transformation shocks fans: ‘Suits you’

Patrick O’Connor, a star of Home and Away, has alienated some fans with his fresh appearance.

The actor who plays Dean Thompson on the programme has dyed his hair blonde like Kawakawa Fox-Reo (Nikau Parata).

Patrick sat on a Sydney balcony with his cavoodle Winnie to display his new appearance on his Instagram stories.

His short blonde hairstyle has taken the place of his typically unruly, dark brown hair.

On social media, some fans complained about the alteration as being “insane” and “terrible.”

One person said, “Not a fan of the new colour.”

Another person commented, “I’ll have to get used to it, but it makes your eyes pop out.

A third joined in, “No no no, it looks terrible.

Others expressed their approval of Patrick’s new appearance, stating that his blonde hair actually “fits” him and gives him a “sexy” appearance.

One admirer said, “I love your new hairdo, Paddy. It feels wonderful and fresh when you get a new haircut and colour.”

No matter what colour hair Paddy has, he is still attractive, a second person chimed in.

Another person commented, “The colour suits you Paddy, it makes you look younger, love it.”

For the past month, rumours have been circulating about Patrick and his partner Sophie Dillman (Ziggy Astoni), leading many viewers to question if the couple has quit the drama permanently.

The duo has been a programme regular for more than four years, and one of the audience favourites is their on-screen relationship.

Investigative fans hypothesised that Patrick’s new hair colour might be for a different upcoming project.

“I suspect he’s acting in it for a movie, TV programme, or other project. Love it, though,” a supporter speculated.

When you leave Home and Away, bleaching your hair must be the in thing. Another person noted, “[Kawakawa-Fox Reo did] the same thing.

They probably choose a significant makeover after acting because they are unable to change their appearance while on the job. But this change did him no good,” a third person chimed in.


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