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Home and Away star James Stewart has a twin. Here’s everything you need to know

Fans of Home and Away both domestically and abroad are familiar with James Stewart.

In addition to appearing in Packed to the Rafters and Breakers, the actor is best known for his role as Justin Morgan in the popular drama Seven.

While many people just know his face from TV, did you know that he has an identical twin brother named Nicholas?

When he and co-star Ada Nicodemou from Home and Away went on The Morning Show on Thursday to discuss a major forthcoming storyline, viewers were reminded of this.

Co-hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur made the decision to surprise the twin brothers by bringing out some old pictures of them as children.

The same two were seen looking straight at the camera in one picture with cute bowl-cut hairdo.

Another picture showed them together as older guys, with their hair styled long and adopting a similar hands-in-pocket stance.

Not everyone knows that the actor has a twin sibling, even though he has occasionally posted pictures of his brother on social media platforms like Instagram and the like, wishing him a happy birthday.

“Spent all my years around this sun with this guy… birthday twinning!” James wrote in 2018, the year of the couple’s 43rd birthday.

“Very amazing.”

When he shared another picture of them together that year, he included the hashtags #family and #twins along with the statement, “Same same, but different.”

A number of his supporters were unaware that he had a twin sibling.

“You’re a twin, wow!” One fan wrote, astonished.

“I had no idea that!”

Another person commented, “I got so confused,” claiming she mistakenly believed she was seeing double.

2020 saw the couple turn 45, and James wrote, “Happy birthday buddy! Can’t figure out who’s who still?🤷🏽 ‍♂︥ And why did any of us overlook the hair memo section!? Use #twinning.

Even Grace and Scout, the children of Nicholas and James, who were born a year apart, share a lot of their father’s genetic makeup.

James posted a picture of his and Nicholas’s daughters on Christmas Day 2022, 2022, with the girls wearing matching Nirvana T-shirts.

One reader remarked, “I just keep coming back to this and staring at how identical you both are.”

This is quite astounding to me. I own a Nirvana T-shirt as well. 😍😍

Another said, “Handsome twin brothers, and even your daughters look like twins.”

Another said, “OMG twin men and daughters.”

Even while there are now certain differences that make it easier to tell the two apart—James wears his hair black for his Home and Away character, while Nicholas is going gray—the actor has previously said that he occasionally finds it difficult to tell who is who in old family photos.

He captioned a cute picture he shared on Instagram with the question, “Which one am I again?” tagging his brother.

Viewers differed in their estimations of which was which.

One fan remarked, “You’d have to be the one in front; you haven’t changed, you’ve just gotten older.”

“I believe you’re the one in front. Another commented, “You two have different smiles.”

Some disagreed, though.

“James in blue,” a patron proposed.

Another wrote, “James Stewart, you are the one in blue.”

Fans of Home and Away might be surprised to learn that Nicholas previously made a brief appearance on the programme.

On his personal Instagram page, he posted a playful photo from his 2020 set visit, in which he and James were flanked by other cast members, such as Ray Meagher (who plays Alf Stewart) and Lynne McGranger (who plays Irene Granger).

“That once there were three ‘Stewarts’ in Summer Bay!” he wrote as the picture’s description, tagging the photo with the hashtag #flaminggalah.


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