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Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou announces launch of new book Mia Megastar

Actress Ada Nicodemou, best known for her role in the television series Home and Away, recently added a new skill to her repertoire.

The adored TV personality made an announcement on Wednesday regarding the release of Mia Megastar, her debut children’s book.

“I am thrilled to present my latest book, Mia Megastar! 📚,” she said as the caption for a recent Instagram post.

“It’s the ideal junior fiction book for all the young people out there (geared towards ladies 8 years old and up) who want to be megastars ⭐️. It’s all about family, food, friendship, and fun.

“You can use the link in my bio to pre-order it right now.”

Ada discussed the book in a bit more detail in the accompanying video.

She said, “It’s kind of based on my childhood and what motivated me to become an actor.”

And Mia accomplishes this by starting her own theatre group with her pals.

It’s friendly, humorous, and centred around the bizarre Greek culture.

“You’re going to adore it!”

Ada’s venture into a new field delighted her fans.

“Ada, congratulations on your debut book!” A fan wrote.

“Wonderful — I love it and great work!” Another person said.

“It’s going to be a great story with a message, congrats!”

“This is fantastic!” commented a third.

A synopsis released by Penguin provides additional insight on Mia’s persona.

“The only other student in my class that lives above a store is myself. And not just any store—everyone is aware that Costa’s is the greatest location for bread, pastries, dips, and fresh fruit,” adds Mia.

In any case, I wanted to share with you yesterday’s events at school. Well, on a school excursion rather than AT school.

“We saw the play Leaving, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

“The music, the heavy red velvet curtains, the lights, but most of all, the dejected girl waving goodbye to her closest friend with tears flowing down her face.

“Our lecturers direct us as our buses arrive at the kerb. As we make the lengthy journey back to Summerdale, I come to a realisation.

“I aspire to be like her. The play’s girl. With the lights, curtains, and music, I want to be up there on the stage.


Moment of breakthrough
Ada thought back last year to a turning point in her own acting career—her role in the popular 1999 science fiction movie The Matrix.

One year before to assuming the character of Leah Patterson on Home and Away, Ada was cast in the film.

Her character, Dujour, went to see Neo (Keanu Reeves) at his apartment with her lover, Choi (Marc Grey), in order to pick up illicit software that Neo had written for additional money during his free time.

On her left shoulder, she had a tattoo of a white rabbit.

Ada posted on Instagram in November, saying, “Throwback to when I had a cameo in #TheMatrix and played the White Rabbit Girl 🐇 🎬.”

Ada from the movie was recognisable to certain fans, but not to the majority.

One follower responded, “That’s so cool!” while another used an emoji of disbelief.

One admirer said, “OMG, I love this movie franchise, and you just told me about this now!”

“What a fun experience I had!”

From modest beginnings to the success story of today. You’ve gone a very long way,” said one more person.

Five years before to her 1994 casting as Katerina Ioannou in Heartbreak High on The Matrix, the popular character from Home and Away began her acting career.

She appeared in Breakers and Police Rescue before landing a Sydney-filmed part in The Matrix.

Other Australian actors that starred in it were Hugo Weaving in the role of Agent Smith and Matthew Doran as The Mouse.


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