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Home and Away spoilers: Roo and Marilyn’s feud spills over

Roo had been furious with Marilyn ever since she was nearly killed in the van explosion in June. In this week’s episode of Home and Away, it poses a threat to their enduring friendship.
Roo (Georgie Parker), who was treated for her injuries in a special medical unit in the city, is gradually making a full recovery while using crutches at home in Summer Bay.

She is unable to forgive Marilyn (Emily Symons), meanwhile, for endangering her friends’ life by lying to everyone about Stunning Organics’s questionable business practises.A bomb that had been hidden in the van detonated as John (Shane Withington) was driving it to the tip with unwanted Stunning Organics products to help Marilyn, sending Roo flying to the side of the road with serious injuries.
Georgie, 58, tells TV WEEK that “Roo was trying to help Maz in her involvement with Stunning Organics.”

“However, she found it difficult to understand what was going on or how determined Maz was to complete the pyramid scheme because she kept lying about it.”
Marilyn was so embarrassed of herself after the bombing that she spent three months in the hospital and was unable to see Roo. Roo feels more abandoned than before right now.
Georgie claims, “Maz felt abandoned and resentful because she didn’t go see Roo.”
Marilyn resists the demands of an enraged Roo, who wants her out of her home. Since Roo has been lying to her father Alf (Ray Meagher) about her struggle, Marilyn is aware that her friend requires 24-hour care while Roo is still away in Merimbula.

Theo (Matt Evans) arrives at Roo’s and is shocked to see the two in the middle of a heated argument. Their yelling at each other is audible to everyone in the RV park!
Marilyn, who is tired of their arguments, issues Roo with a threat: “Let me stay and help, or I tell Alf the truth.”
Roo gives in, but has Marilyn’s coercive intervention made matters worse?


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