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Home and Away spoilers: Leah’s paranoia puts Justin’s life on the line

In Home and Away, Leah is a wild-eyed, paranoid maniac with a wild demeanour. She is terrified and holding a knife as she stands in the diner, threatening to kill Justin, her future husband. Might he stop her?
Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has been dealing with the fallout from being abducted by the cult Vita Nova and left to die in a warehouse for weeks now, and her trauma has been gradually taking over.

After barely escaping with Justin (James Stewart), she is now paranoid and delusional due to nightmares. Her actions may have cost a life at first because they were cleverly hidden, but now they might be fatal.
Following her spying on Justin at the garage, Leah’s warped perception of reality makes her think he is employed by the cult responsible for their abduction. She is so terrified that she packs her luggage and begs Theo (Matt Evans) to go with her. She runs away while he attempts to talk sense into her!
Ada explains, “She begins to have hallucinations.” “Because of her sleep deprivation, she mishears a phone call and misunderstands certain signals as well.”

Justin pursues his fiancée to the Diner, where she has locked herself in, in a last-ditch effort to assist. Leah, however, is unimpressed by his pushy approach and throws a knife before lunging at him.
“She goes into a psychosis and isn’t really aware of her behaviour,” Ada claims. “It’s an intense storyline to play.”
Theo phones Juliet Godwin’s character Bree when he gets home to ask for assistance. Their reaction to what they see when they get to the Diner is one of horror. Can Leah be stopped before she makes her move?


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