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Home And Away Spoilers: Justin is shot in a desperate dash for freedom

This week on Home And Away, Justin is in a precarious situation as he lies bleeding and unconscious within the Vita Nova property. Nobody is aware of his presence, and as time passes, he might not survive.
In order to try to rescue Andrew (Joshua Hewson) from the infamous cult commanded by the cruel Margot (Mandy McElhinney), Justin (James Stewart) chooses to go rogue because the authorities are making little progress.

Justin and officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) have so far encountered obstructions at every step. Because he insisted the cult’s compound was his home, Andrew personally sent them away.
However, this week, when Justin discovers a note from Andrew in his possessions, he realises he must take action.
According to James, 47, “Andrew is brainwashed… but it’s also a case of Stockholm Syndrome – he doesn’t know any better,” explains TV WEEK.
Justin interprets the note as evidence that Andrew is still capable of independent thought and that Vita Nova and Margot aren’t in charge of it.

Ada Nicodemou’s character Leah from Home And Away advises her partner to wait for Cash. However, Justin is not present the next morning. Cash is forced to leave Vita Nova when he shows up without a warrant and is refused away.
Inside, Margot uses her influence to torment Justin, who is defenceless because his phone is locked away. Andrew, though, steps in to help him after she goes.
Justin describes his dangerous circumstance as having “who knows what their intentions are, but they’re not good.” Then Andrew enters covertly and tries to treat his injuries.
He is urged to depart while Andrew creates a diversion, by Andrew. Either act now or never. Justin dashes across the property while avoiding detection. But just as he appears to be safe, he is shot in the thigh.

The bleeding Justin collapses to the ground. Andrew attempts to assist, but he is immobile. He will eventually be discovered by Margot’s goons. Is there still time for him to flee?
For James, a veteran Home And Away actor, the plot’s research into Doomsday preppers and finding the right balance in bringing it to the big screen posed a pleasant challenge.
Regarding the arc, he says, “I had in-depth discussions with our directors about our responsibilities as adults in educating young adults and children. “As an actor, there is nothing better than big stakes, risky situations, a great cast, and the best crew.”


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