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Home and Away: Can Ari’s bold plan save Mia after she was arrested for Matthew’s murder?

Mia is terrified behind the wheel of the car. She’s trying to hide the dead body in the boot of the car as she speeds away from the cops. Sirens blare and lights flash behind her. Several cars are closing in on her, and her independence is dwindling… Is this the end of Mia’s journey?

Mia (Anna Sampson) is on the run after a violent altercation with her ex Matthew (James Sweeny), which led in his untimely death, in the heart-stopping series return of Home and Away.

After learning that she is the result of her father’s previous assault on her mother, Chloe (Sam Barrett) urged him to stay away. But Matthew was not easily defeated, and he took his rage out on Mia. Chloe jumped to her mother’s defence and slammed a brick at Matthew’s head. He died on the spot.

Mia is now trying to protect her daughter.

Anna tells TV WEEK, “Sheer terror takes over Mia.” “She had no other plan but to keep her kid safe.”

Mia gives in to the cops and pulls over in her car. She washes her blood-stained sweatshirt as local cop Cash approaches, but it’s too late. Cash is taken aback when he discovers Mia in the driver’s seat. He inspects the vehicle and discovers the body.

“She’s been rendered immobile. “There was no plan in her thoughts, simply to get as far away as she could,” Anna explains of Mia’s situation “..

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is consoling a traumatised Chloe at home when he receives a call from Cash informing him that Mia has been detained on suspicion of murder. He dashes to the station, pleading with the dispatcher to speak with his fiancée.

Cash is well aware that it is against the rules, but he gives in when he sees Ari’s expression — there’s certainly more to the storey than cold-blooded murder…

Mia and Ari are engulfed in each other’s hug. Ari is determined to clear the air. He won’t let Mia or Chloe go to jail because of this. It was a matter of self-defense! Mia wipes away tears as she realises she’ll have to give up her life to keep Chloe out of jail. Her fate is almost certain.

Ari and Mia’s engagement has made the situation much more sad. The couple intends to marry and start a new life together with Chloe. The future looks dismal right now.

“Ari is extremely protective and will constantly attempt to help,” Anna says of her character’s destiny.

While Mia awaits formal charges, Ari devises a daring scheme to save the woman he loves – but it will upend everything he holds dear.

“Ari has a habit of acting first and thinking later,” Rob explains. “He’ll go to any length to protect his family.”

What is his audacious scheme? Is it going to work?


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