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Harley Bonner and Natalie Roser’s picture-perfect romance

Natalie Roser, a bikini model, and Harley Bonner, an actress, create a stunning and skilled couple.

The pair is quite active on social media, sharing their life and love with their followers.

Friends and admirers alike congratulated the couple on their recent engagement along a magnificent scenery on NSW’s South Coast, which they posted on Instagram.

Here’s a look at their five-year relationship.

Harley is most known for his work on Home and Away, but he began his career on Neighbours, Australia’s other popular soap opera, where he portrayed Josh Willis for three years.

Josh’s appearance on the show was announced in 2013 as part of a revamp that included a revitalised family focus.

In 2016, Harley left Neighbours to pursue other acting opportunities, and she was killed off the programme. Josh, his character, died in an attempt to save Daniel Robinson, another character in the film.


In February of 2017, while they were both in their twenties, Harley and Natalie began dating.

Harley was still looking for acting roles, dividing his time between the United States and Australia.

In April of that year, Natalie shared a photo of the two in California, captioning it, “I’ve had the most amazing day,” and tagging Harley.

After catching the travel bug, the couple appeared to spend a lot of time on vacations in places like Japan and the United States until settling in Los Angeles in 2018.

“Are you ready for the next chapter?” We’re moving to Los Angeles today! I’m really looking forward to watching this man pursue his aspirations while I pursue mine. “Can’t wait to go on this adventure with you, @harleympbonner,” Natalie posted on Instagram.

“Watch out, L.A., we’re on our way!”

While Harley maintained her acting career, Natalie found employment as a model in the United States and started her own lingerie line, Rose & Bare, which aims to match underwear to all skin tones.

In early 2020, the happy couple celebrated three years of marriage.

Natalie took a black and white photograph of the couple and captioned it, “Creating my real-life fantasy from the very first time we met.”

“Three years of more love than I could have imagined.” I will be eternally grateful for everything that led me to you ❤️. My Harley Bonner, I will always adore you. “#happyanniversary,” she wished in a tweet.

Just a few weeks later, in April, she posted for Harley’s birthday.

“Today is Harley Bonner Day,” says the narrator. It’s a day to honour the love of my life. A day to honour the man who will take your children and pets to kiss and hug them, the man who will sit and talk to anyone about anything, the man who makes me laugh and love every second of my life ❤️ She wrote, “Happy Birthday @harleympb.”

Despite their apparent happiness and prosperity in LA, the couple returned in 2020 when the epidemic struck.

Natalie was able to resume modelling employment in Australia, and her life continued on as usual.

“I’m fortunate enough to be returning to work today!” “I’m grateful ❤️,” she said beside a photo of herself from a session on Instagram.

“It felt great to be back at work.” There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. I wish we could all reach the conclusion at the same time, but seeing nations like New Zealand and Australia begin to withdraw their prohibitions and restart some social connection gives me hope for my American friends. “Hang in there, team ❤️?,” she said in another post regarding her modelling comeback.

During the COVID issue, the couple stayed in Australia and now appear to be settled, even buying a puppy together in March of this year.

Pippin, their lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has his own Instagram account.

This year, Harley made his comeback to television with a part on Home and Away as Logan Bennett, a doctor.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had the honour of working on a show that’s such a staple of Australian television,” Harley told 7 News.

“I’m pleased to report that I was able to take it up much more quickly than anticipated.” I adore working on series like Home and Away, and I can’t wait for Australia to meet my character.

He’s seen and done a lot in his life, and he tries to stay away from some of it. “I’m curious to see what we’ll find out as time passes,” Harley said of Logan.

“This is Logan’s first time on the field. Summer Bay may be precisely the change of pace and scenery he’s been longing for, but fate may have other ideas.”

At the end of October, Harley hinted a possible engagement by uploading a photo of himself riding his motorcycle and adding, “Tough weekend to top… more to come.”

He then posted a collage of photographs of himself proposing to Natalie with the phrase “HB ? NR.”

“My fiancé!” he wrote in a second volley of bullets. Woah! “Adulting is difficult right now…”

Natalie subsequently added, “It’s like a dream.” to a video of the occasion. @harleympb “I’m so tremendously happy and in love.”

Erin Holland, a model and Natalie’s friend, said, “YAYYYY oh my heart!!!”

Steph Clare Smith, a model and fitness influencer, said, “Incredibly so nice.”

Former Bachelorette Becky Miles tweeted, “Awww this is so gorgeous, especially your ring, I adore your ring ??”

Congratulations to the incredibly happy couple!


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