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A wedding, a funeral and a broken community: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

The Paratas are in for the worst few days of their lives this week on Home and Away, as Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) condition swiftly deteriorates following his terminal cancer diagnosis. Mia (Anna Samson), determined to extract happiness while she still has the chance, organises a hastily planned hospital wedding and dons her wedding gown. Will she, however, make it in time?

When Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) arrive home to find their house has been turned into a love nest, they begin to lose hope in Brett and Karen (Georgia Adamson). They are horrified and disgusted, and they begin to believe that their unwanted visitors may be staying with them for a while…

Meanwhile, Theo (Matt Evans) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) are stumped for ways to cheer up Chloe (Sam Barrett) during this trying moment in her life. Following some deliberation, Theo strikes gold and enlists the help of a friend for a last filming endeavour. This time, however, they’ll need the community’s support to put their video abilities to good use…

Here’s what’s on the horizon for Home and Away starting Monday, April 11.

Karen and Brett’s romance is reignited

Dean has been acting as a go-between for his mother and her younger lover Brett, who has shocked her by proposing. She’s fled away to the Bay because she doesn’t want to commit to someone when she doesn’t believe love is feasible for her. Dean, on the other hand, has pushed the two to have a private chat in his home and has gone away to give them room. When he meets up with Ziggy to debrief, he realises that his mother may be throwing plates at Brett while they talk. The couple rushes back home to check in… only to discover Karen wrapped in a blanket and a half-naked Brett thankfully cradling a terrified Dean…

Ari makes a choice on how he will die

Logan has just informed Ari that he has terminal cancer and that his only option is to undergo routine, gruelling surgery. He makes the decision that he does not want his future to be spent either in prison or in a hospital bed recovering from procedures. He declines surgery, claiming that he knows what will happen. The Paratas are in uproar — is he simply giving up? Nikau, overcome with grief and rage, storms out of the hospital, Tane trailing behind him. When Ari and Mia are alone, she discreetly expresses her displeasure with his decision to abandon her. She’s not prepared for that…

For a farewell celebration, the Paratas band together

The Paratas face an impossible-to-foresee future, but they are determined to have one more happy day together. Ari is astonished to find Tane and Nikau dressed in their best the next morning as they help him into his own suit. Then Mia emerges in the elevator, dressed in her wedding gown – they are, after all, getting married. The couple shares poignant improvised vows before Ari collapses, making the celebration bittersweet…

Ari takes his last breath surrounded by his loved ones

Logan, who is bedridden in his final moments, tells the Paratas that the worst is still to come. Mia is still wearing her wedding gown, and the thrill of the occasion has dissipated as she realises she is about to become a newlywed and a widow on the same day. Ari performs a Maori song to himself while surrounded by his family as he breathes his final breath, leaving his loved ones destroyed…

Dean slams Logan for failing to save Ari

Dean and Ziggy have been engrossed in Karen and Brett’s relationship drama at the Farm House, but they are relieved to learn that the newly reconciled couple plans to move in together as a compromise while Karen isn’t ready for marriage. They’ll also be departing the Bay soon to return home. Dean and Ziggy’s joy is short-lived, as Bella calls to inform them that Ari has died. Dean is left speechless, wondering how this could have happened so swiftly. Furious, he sets out on a warpath to track down Logan and strike out at him. He couldn’t possibly let Ari die.

Mackenzie is heartbroken after discovering about her ex-boyfriend

In the Pier Apartment, Dean is venting his rage on Logan, wondering how he could have let Ari die on his watch. Logan tries to reassure him by telling him that Ari died peacefully, but Mackenzie enters and learns the news in the most inconvenient way conceivable. She’s taken aback and collapses into tears, pleading with Dean to tell her it’s not real. Logan is taken aback; he had no idea Mackenzie knew Ari so well. Ziggy takes him for a stroll and gently informs him that Ari is her ex-boyfriend. Logan is taken aback, then worried. If Mackenzie isn’t over him, why is she taking it so hard?

Another video project brings Ryder and Theo together

After hearing about Ari’s death, Ryder and Theo are as stunned as everyone else, but they are also concerned for Chloe, who has just lost the guy who was her father. The two youngsters are at a loss as to what they can do. Ryder sends a hesitant text message, but then he’s at a loss. Theo then has an idea that might make Chloe smile despite her sadness. He seizes Ryder, and the two resolve to put their filmmaking skills to good use…

Cash makes a significant decision concerning his relationship

Cash just turned down Jasmine’s offer to move in together, and his decision has created an uneasiness between them that they’re still working to overcome. When Felicity, who is blind to the problem, brings it up, it becomes evident that the pair hasn’t resolved the problem despite deciding to go on. Cash pulls Felicity aside and warns her to keep out of it, but Felicity complains that his overprotectiveness is suffocating her. Cash is left to wonder whether it’s time to swallow his fear, and he eventually decides that it’s time to move in with the lady he adores.


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