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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

After trying to assist Dana and Harper, Cash finds himself in a difficult situation on Home and Away the next week.

A decision on the Restorative Justice programme must be made by Felicity, and Rose gets to meet her father Samuel, who has been absent for a long time.

Here is our calendar of nine upcoming major events.

  1. Cash encounters a new foe

Cash meets with DS Madden, the detective who is actively looking for Harper’s sister Dana, in order to look into the case against her. The Summer Bay police officer tries to voice some of his worries about possible gaps in the case, but he runs the danger of coming seen as unduly involved in an unrelated enquiry.

Madden makes an attempt to negate Cash’s arguments. When he’s by himself, he calls an unidentified contact and requests background information on Cash.

  1. Felicity asks Harper for guidance.

After Jeremy, her attacker, requests a meeting as part of a Restorative Justice scheme, Felicity must make a difficult choice. Eden believes it’s a poor notion, but Cash acknowledges that he has previously known crime survivors who found it beneficial.

Cash arranges for Felicity and Harper to meet. Harper has more insight because of her previous experience as a social worker. Harper acknowledges that she has also found it to be effective, but she also makes clear that not everyone will benefit from it.

  1. Dana and Harper are exposed

When Cash visits Harper at Irene’s house and finds out that she is sheltering Dana there, he is appalled. He bemoans the fact that Irene might be compromised along with him.

Cash insists on taking Dana down to the police station since there is an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Nevertheless, after hearing Dana’s side of the tale in the car, Cash comes to the conclusion that she is innocent.

Given that Madden’s actions have also raised some red flags, Cash chooses to permit Dana to continue living surreptitiously at Irene’s while they pursue their efforts to establish her innocence.

  1. Theo muses about his future.

After Lyrik’s breakdown, Theo wants to give up music forever, but Justin encourages him to keep pursuing his passion. Arranging a meeting between Theo and Forrest, Justin introduces Theo as the label’s upcoming major solo signing.

Remi worries that another Lyrik member would soon leave the band when he later discovers Theo hanging out with Forrest.

  1. Remi becomes aggressive

Remi feels that Theo has betrayed him, so he reacts aggressively and punches him in the face when he meets him again. Bree is shocked by her partner’s reaction and tells him to leave, as memories of her violent past haunt her once again.

When Remi and Theo later cross paths, Remi apologises for going too far. When Theo extends his forgiveness and admits that he declined the solo deal, he is relieved.

  1. When Rose sees her dad

Rose delivers a letter to her biological father Samuel’s house, and to her happy surprise, he answers right away, requesting a meeting.

Rose raises difficult questions about why Samuel wasn’t in her life when she confronts him. Samuel maintains that if he had known that Rose’s mother, Yvette, was expecting, he would have given her support.

Rose is moved when Samuel asks her to add her name to the list of generations recorded in a family Bible, demonstrating his obvious desire to make up for lost time.

  1. Alf causes bewilderment with his new attitude

John worries that Alf’s new hearing aids are ineffective when his rival smiles through a Surf Club meeting without voicing any concerns. Alf returns to Summer Bay with the new devices. The fact that Alf seems to be supporting John’s position on every issue is shocking.

Afterwards, Alf cheekily tells Marilyn the truth, admitting that he has been turning the hearing aids off in secret each time John talks.

  1. Felicity makes her way to the police agency

Felicity hopes to view the video that Jeremy used to threaten her when she goes to the police station. Instead of completing the Restorative Justice programme, she thinks there could be another option to get closure.

Even though Cash thinks it’s a horrible idea, he honours Felicity’s request and gives her the video file. Felicity is unable to finish seeing it at the last minute and begins to reevaluate the Restorative Justice option.

  1. Xander doesn’t get along with his new roommate

Following recent difficulties inside Lyrik, Kirby and Bree switch households, but Xander finds it difficult to adjust. He confides in Mac that, compared to the commotion surrounding Kirby and her music career, he misses Bree’s simple, uncluttered style of being a roommate.

While Mac pledges to let Xander stay at her house if things ever get too much, she also pushes him to be honest with Kirby in order to fix the matter.


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