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15 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next week on Home and Away, Tane and Felicity are talking about having a baby, Cash is racing to save Dana who has been abducted, and Kirby feels betrayed by Eden and Remi.

A comprehensive list of the top 15 upcoming events can be found here.

  1. Detective Madden kidnaps Dana

Dana is in danger when she is abducted by Detective Madden, a corrupt copper, and Detective Fletcher, his partner.

Madden wants to hide his identity and accuse a blameless Dana of a crime she didn’t commit.

Terrified Dana knows that Fletcher and the other dangerous person plan to fake her death to appear as though she overdosed on drugs as he puts on gloves and takes out a syringe.

  1. That Madden might halt Cash’s enquiry

When Madden and Dana’s sister Harper do not show up at the Yabbie Creek Police Station following her detention, Copper Cash and Harper become concerned.

It’s obvious that something is off, but when Cash looks into it, he finds Madden is in front of him.


Madden has issued a clear warning to his colleagues about Cash’s “country copper” behaviour. Cash finds himself removed from the case all of a sudden.

  1. Felicity isn’t feeling talkative about babies.

Tane and his spouse Felicity are thrilled about their intention to purchase land in New Zealand for their future residence.

Felicity lashes out at the nosy neighbour John when he asks the pair whether they plan to grow their family as well. It’s obvious that she is still not ready to have a family with Tane.

  1. Madden makes Dana’s murder threat.

When Fletcher’s sinister plan to murder Dana fails, Madden steps in to stop it. As he holds Dana captive in the deserted hut, Madden gets ready to give her the fatal chemical overdose injection.

Unbeknownst to Madden, though, Dana was able to make a quick phone call to Harper using Fletcher’s phone.

After Rose manages to track out Dana’s phone conversation with Harper, the race is on to get her out of Madden’s grasp.

  1. Bree makes an attempt to save Dana.

Following a confrontation between Cash and Madden, Dana is taken to Northern District Hospital by ambulance.

In an attempt to preserve Dana’s life, Dr. Bree is running out of time. Unfortunately, Dana had a powerful medication injection, and things do not appear to be getting better.

  1. A criminal charge warning is given to Cash, Harper, and Irene

When Rose learns the truth about her police partner Cash breaking the law in order to assist the Matheson sisters, she is taken aback.

Now that Cash and Harper had been charged, the Director of Public Prosecutions could pursue criminal charges against Irene for allowing Dana, a wanted fugitive, to stay at her beach property.

  1. Lyrik is cautioned by Justin not to release their new song.

When Eden and Remi debut their new song, band boss Justin is taken aback and learns that the vehement lyrics are about Kirby leaving the group.

Justin tells the pair that if they release the song, their already tumultuous relationship with Kirby will suffer irreversibly.

At Salt, ‘Magic Mali’ comes to the rescue

While Mackenzie, the manager of the bar and restaurant, is gone, Xander is left in charge at Salt.

Realising he hasn’t reserved any live entertainment for a pre-paid hen’s night, the bartender goes into a panic.

With some sultry dance movements, the astute Mali intervenes to salvage the day just as the irritated women begin to demand their money back. Summer Bay meets ‘Magic Mali,’ the all-dancing.

  1. Alf is tired of the rift between Marilyn and Roo.

Alf is returning to Merimbula to see his spouse Martha. However, he wants his daughter Roo and his longtime friend Marilyn to make up for their ridiculous argument before he leaves.

But Marilyn is not welcome, as Roo makes clear when she shows up for a visit at the hospital.

  1. Irene fears she may end up in jail

Rose’s warning about the DPP filing criminal charges makes Irene dread the worse.

Irene confides in John, who had long harboured doubts about Harper, her new lodger.

John, though, doesn’t make things any better when he threatens Irene with a potential sentence of seven years in prison.

  1. Kirby is horrified by the resentful new song by Eden and Remi.

Eden concedes that she and Remi shouldn’t perform their new song in public after her guilt overcomes her.

Unfortunately, Kirby unintentionally stumbles onto the lyrics to the abandoned song when paying a visit to the band’s shared residence. When she learns how Eden and Remi truly feel about her, she is distraught.

  1. Roo pretends to be sorry to Marilyn

As the tension between Roo and Marilyn grows, Alf makes threats to postpone his vacation to Merimbula.

Roo calls Marilyn to maintain harmony and abruptly extends an apology to her.

Marilyn is overjoyed to be resuming her relationship with Roo. She is unaware, though, that it was only a phoney apology, and resentful Roo has no plans to forgive Marilyn anytime soon.

  1. Theo offers Kirby some guidance.

Kirby is depressed about her relationship with her former bandmates, Eden and Remi, as she prepares for the formal start of her solo career.

Kirby’s spirits are soon raised, though, when her ex-boyfriend Theo gives her some life lessons.

  1. Cash is removed from the police force

Cash has to pay the price for going against the grain to support Dana and Harper.

Cash receives bad news when he is placed on indefinite leave from his employment, even though he has denied any involvement in the matter.

  1. Tane desires a child.

Tane chooses to bring up the subject of children once more, even though Felicity has already expressed her opinions clearly.

Tane values family above all else, but is there any chance Felicity may decide she no longer wants to have children with him?


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