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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

It’s going to a close call on Home and Away if severely ill Mac makes it out alive.

In other news, Leah calls off her wedding to Justin after an unexpected run-in with the law, and Dana receives a blast from the past.

This is the complete set of 12 incredible moments.

  1. Mac is saved by Bree.

After what appears to be a heart attack, Mackenzie remains comatose on the Salt floor, and Xander cannot find a pulse.

After a last-minute race to the hospital, Bree fights to preserve Mac’s life while alerting her loved ones to the worst.

Fortunately, she is able to save Mac, and Bree asks her about her memories as she awakens.

  1. Mac is not willing to pardon Felicity

When Felicity is confronted by Cash at the hospital about her altercation with Mac before she passed out, she lashes out, saying she overheard him and Eden talking about Tane sleeping with other women.

Bree is forced to evict them from the building after Flick snaps at her estranged husband as Tane walks into the room.

Back at home, Cash corrects Felicity, telling her that she is solely to blame for the breakdown of her marriage.

Felicity goes to apologise to Mackenzie after realising he’s correct, but her pal isn’t interested in knowing.

  1. A shady physician shows up in the area

As Dr. Levi Fowler comes in Summer Bay to treat Mac, a new face appears in the area.

In addition to having a flawless bedside manner, the hotshot cardiothoracic surgeon also manages to allay Mac’s anxieties before her procedure.

After a successful procedure, Levi finds and fixes a tear in Mac’s artery.

  1. Dana and Levi get back together

Dana’s revelation that she coworked with Levi at her former hospital opens the door to learning more about his past.

Dana is surprised when Levi recognises her because she had imagined the surgeon wouldn’t remember they were once coworkers.

When they reunite, Dana is relieved that Levi appears unconcerned with the rumours circulating about her leaving her former position.

  1. Harper makes an effort to back Tane

Tensions only rise when Felicity confronts Mali and demands to know who Tane has been sleeping with.

Felicity begs Tane to forgive her as the two former lovers meet paths, but he is unimpressed.

Afterwards, Harper notices Tane’s sadness and gives him a sympathetic listen. He talks candidly about Felicity, acknowledging that he has battled for their union from the day they first met.

John withdraws from the Surf Club

Alf tells John that the Surf Club committee has called an executive meeting to discuss his recent actions, and he warns that things are looking bleak. This makes John’s week start badly.

John is inspired by Irene to stand up for himself, but his argument with Alf just exacerbates the problem.

John will no longer be teaching, but he can maintain his employment, Alf informs later. John is furious and takes complete control of the situation by quitting the Club.

  1. Leah is having issues with the law.

After finishing the final day of his anger management course, Justin is relieved and excited for a romantic evening with Leah.

Sadly, Rose’s call interrupting his plans informs him that Leah has been in a vehicle accident.

Although Leah is breathalysed, the results of the tests are clear, which leaves Justin curious as to what precisely transpired.

  1. Leah gives Justin a shocking revelation.

Traumatised Leah acknowledges that she was to blame for the incident when she was driving since she had fallen asleep.

Rose expresses worries about Leah’s health the following day but affirms that no charges would be brought by the police.

Leah becomes irate and says she can’t get away from the horrors they experienced at the hands of Vita Nova as Justin keeps pressing for more information.

  1. Remi exposes Bree’s deception

Kirby informs her fellow musicians that she intends to finance additional studio time for Lyrik’s next record with the proceeds from the sale of her song.

Eden is ecstatic, but Remi’s discomfort accepting money from their pal is evident.

After giving it some thought, Remi changes his mind and is appreciative of the chance to see Kirby while Bree is in the hospital.

Remi wonders why Bree lied to him about working when Xander reveals that she is actually having a quiet night at home.

  1. Felicity and Xander declare a truce

Felicity accepts responsibility for her mistakes, and Cash is happy of her. He goes with her to Salt, where they are greeted by a chilly Xander.

The bartender is forthright with his employer, informing Felicity that although he disapproves of the way she handled Mac, she is not to blame for Mac’s artery tear.

After they reconcile, their worries about Mac continue to loom large.

  1. Cash’s future worries Eden

Eden is concerned that Cash won’t be able to attend his suspension review because of Felicity’s turmoil.

When she tries to talk to her boyfriend about it, he insists that his sister will always come first.

Although Eden respects Cash’s fidelity to his family, she is concerned that his actions might have made it more difficult for him to restart his job.

  1. Leah cancels the nuptials

After Leah’s run-in with the cops, tensions between Justin and her are still quite high.

In a private conversation with Alf, Justin confesses to being anxious about their impending nuptials and asks if Leah holds him responsible for everything they have been through.

Leah receives some advice from the Bay mainstay, who emphasises that she needs to prioritise herself while she heals from her experience.

Following Alf’s counsel, she informs Justin that their wedding must be postponed forever so she can concentrate on her recovery.

Will there ever be a happy ending for the couple?


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