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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for 2022

Although Channel 5’s Home and Away has ended for the year, it’s never too early to look ahead to 2022 and what awaits the people of Summer Bay.

Tane Parata’s stalker carried out a fatal gas assault at the gym, leaving lives in the balance as the noxious gases crept into the air vents and the Salt restaurant upstairs, according to UK viewers.

Because there is presently a nine-week gap between the UK and Australian airings of Home and Away, we already know a lot of the stories that will be showing on Channel 5 in early 2022 and beyond.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most anticipated events.

1. Who was behind Tane?

Following Tane’s life-threatening attack, all eyes are on Felicity as the suspected perpetrator. Tane had accused Felicity of following him several times in the weeks preceding up to the event, and despite her denials, Tane’s closest associates were sceptical that she was speaking the truth.

Felicity’s own brother Cash, who was engaged in the first probe, doubts her in scenes premiering next year on Channel 5. However, when federal cops come in Summer Bay to take over the investigation, things are quickly taken out of his hands.

2. Nikau starts a smear campaign

While Felicity says that she is being falsely accused, many in the Bay are sceptical of her assertions. This is especially true for Nikau, who can’t seem to stop himself from intervening.

Because Nikau still has a sizable social media following as a result of his brief modelling career, he chooses to use it to publicly criticise Felicity’s alleged misdeeds, launching an online hate campaign.

Bella disapproves of her boyfriend’s behaviour and thinks that she may lose Nikau to social media once more.

Fans will have to wait and see if Felicity’s name is cleared or not after the perpetrator of the gas assault was identified in the early weeks of the year.

3. A completely different experience Marilyn

Marilyn’s behaviour will take an unforeseen turn in early 2022, when the effects of the Salt event play out over many weeks on Home and Away in the United Kingdom.

Following Marilyn’s involvement in the gas poisoning incident, Logan monitors her emergency care in the hospital, but subsequently gives her the go-ahead to return home.

Despite this, Marilyn experiences a terrifying development when she collapses outside and is left alone overnight. When Marilyn is brought back to the hospital for tests, however, there are no clear answers because she looks to be in good health.

Marilyn’s behaviour changes dramatically as a result of the mystery, and she becomes harsh and brusque toward some of her closest acquaintances. Her loved ones are similarly taken aback when she begins to drink and eat meat.

“Apparently, when you have organophosphate poisoning, there can be changes to the brain and behaviour as a result, although everything else remains normal,” Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, recently told Australian magazine TV Week.

“This is the most difficult project I’ve ever undertaken as Marilyn.” It’s a completely different Marilyn, which has been quite difficult for me to play since she’s become second nature.”

4. The narrative of Roo and Martha’s transplant

Martha is also dealing with a life-or-death situation as a result of her role in the gas assault, which results in her spending many weeks in the hospital due to complications.

Martha would need a kidney transplant to make a full recovery, it was subsequently established.

Members of Martha’s relatives are put to the test, and when Roo proves to be a match, there’s a ray of optimism, but the discovery raises tensions and lots of concerns among the Stewarts.

5. Logan has doubts about his ability to be a doctor

Logan is in for a rough start to the year, as Marilyn’s new tough-guy demeanour prompts her to file a formal complaint against him at the hospital. Marilyn believes Logan dismissed her too soon and refuses to accept him when he says her present problems might be psychological.

The criticism comes as Dean is having his own dispute with Logan after learning that he may never be able to surf again. After the vehicle accident, Dean recalls Tori suggesting an alternate course of therapy for him, only for Logan to overrule her.

Despite everyone else’s pleas that Logan deserves credit for saving his life, Dean now feels Logan made the wrong decision. Will Logan be able to show that he still has what it takes?

6. Theo’s money-making idea – and the prospect of a new romance

Although Theo and Ryder despise one other’s guts, they will soon discover that they can rely on each other to make a modest fortune. After Theo uploads a video of Ryder shouting at him following the prank at his 21st birthday party, the sworn adversaries reveal to be an unusual duo.

Theo and Ryder start shooting additional pranks and challenges and posting them to YouTube, where they monetize the films with ads. Despite his dislike for Theo, Ryder sees spending time with him as the greatest way to repay his commitments to his friends and family.

After their romance didn’t work out, Ryder and Chloe have chosen to go their own ways. When Ryder learns that Theo kissed Chloe, can his new business relationship survive, or will jealousy raise its ugly head?

7. Ryder has been buried alive

Theo and Ryder’s pranks go too far in the teaser for Home and Away’s Australian season finale, which airs on Channel 7 this Thursday. The two plan to film a “buried alive” challenge, which appears to go horribly wrong when Theo passes out and Ryder is left alone underneath with no one to save him.

Is it possible that this prank would backfire on the wicked duo?

8. Ari and Mia get an unexpected visitor

When Chloe’s biological father Matthew Montgomery comes in the Bay for the first time, there’s further upheaval at the Parata mansion. Mia is shocked to see him and later tells Ari that Matthew sexually abused her when they were kids.

Matthew violates Mia’s desires and introduces himself to Chloe, despite Mia’s threats. Chloe is soon won over by her father and refuses to say anything negative about him. Mia prefers not to convey the entire extent of her anxiety, so Chloe has no objections to spending time with Matthew.

Ari’s decision to take matters into his own hands by hitting Matthew only benefits the villain. If Mia doesn’t back down over Ari spending time with Chloe, Matthew threatens to denounce Ari to the police, which might result in his being sent back to prison.

9. Nikau’s career takes a turn for the better

Nikau is looking for a new beginning now that he has retired from modelling. He chooses to join up for classes with John to learn how to be a lifeguard on the beach.

Things don’t go as planned for Nikau, who struggles with the theory part of the training and has confrontations with John. Is he going to be able to make his new job work?

10. Summer Bay has a new appearance

In 2022, Home and Away will debut some new characters, however they will be a long way off for Channel 5 viewers because they haven’t even aired in Australia yet.

Xander, a strange figure who comes to the Bay in search of answers, will be played by Luke Van Os (Chris Hemsworth’s real-life younger cousin). Xander is also a descendant of a previous character.

In the meanwhile, Kirsty Marillier has come on to portray Rose, a new series regular.

“I am extremely honoured to be accepted as a series regular on Home and Away,” Kirsty stated recently. I recall fantasising of a bright utopia while watching this icon-of-a-show in high school — it’s odd to have this become my reality.

“I hope UK audiences like Rose as much as I do, and that in 2022, they get to know her intimately as she uncovers mysteries and embraces the Bay.”


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