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Neighbours star Tim Kano reveals aftermath of Leo Tanaka and baby Abigail cliffhanger

Tim Kano, star of Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about Leo Tanaka’s recent emotional decision.

Following the worrying accident at Number 32, Leo decides to permanently hand over his baby daughter Abigail to David and Aaron in the upcoming episodes.

On Friday’s (January 28) broadcast of Channel 5, Leo turned away from Abigail for a brief minute to accept a phone call.

Leo was startled when he heard a loud thump and realised Abigail had fallen off the sofa.

Abigail will be transported to the hospital as a result of the incident, and while she will recover, Leo will continue to doubt himself as a father.

“The collision with Abigail is a significant trigger for Leo’s choice,” Tim told Digital Spy. Abigail is simply another thing he’s afraid of losing. After losing Britney, he doesn’t want to be wounded again.

“After Britney’s death, Leo is feeling the strain as well. He’s afraid he’ll never live up to the hype, since Britney would have been an incredible mother.


“Leo believes it would be simpler to give Abigail to these two adoring parents, who would welcome Abigail into their home with open arms.”

“He also doesn’t feel capable since, for starters, he wasn’t intending to have a kid and didn’t even know about the baby – she was thrust upon him – and he was still in business mode and enjoying his bachelor life in New York.

“I believe he’s overwhelmed and doesn’t want to disappoint his daughter or Britney, so he hands Abigail over.”

Tim forewarned Leo’s loved ones on Ramsay Street that his choice would be met with conflicting reactions.

“Aaron is extremely excited to take on Abigail,” he added. When they assumed Abigail was their daughter, they’d already built a deep attachment.

“However, I’m aware that David, Chloe, and a number of other people believe Leo is making a mistake. They try to persuade him that keeping her on is the best option.”

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