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Neighbours’ Paul Robinson receives a big ultimatum in 7 new spoiler pictures

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Monday, November 1:

Jane and Paul had a squabble. Since the truth about Paul’s lie concerning Nicolette and the baby became public, their friendship has been strained. With tensions between David, Aaron, and Nicolette rising, Jane and Paul find themselves caught in the crossfire.

Paul is well aware of his allegiances. As a favour to David, he has been speaking with a lawyer. Paul feels it’s past time for him to fight back against Nicolette, who refuses to allow David and Aaron full custody of baby Isla.

Jane confronts Paul about his actions. She’s irritated that Paul is bringing in attorneys before David, Aaron, and Nicolette have had an opportunity to fully discuss the situation. Paul is still certain that he is doing the right thing, especially since Nicolette has said that her decision is final.

Jane recalls happier moments in their connection with Paul. Despite the way he has deceived her in recent months, she says that she still feels about Paul.

Jane implores Paul to help her. She admits to being exhausted by all of the battling – and wonders if Paul ever feels the same way about his continual conflicts. Jane reminds out that if this turns into a custody fight, the dramas will only become worse, and Paul would be alone after pushing everyone away.


Jane offers a different suggestion. She informs Paul that if he called off the attorneys today, their friendship might go further.

Paul must make a major decision. Will he back down for the sake of Jane’s friendship, or will he stick to his guns and do the right thing for David?

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