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Neighbours’ Leo Tanaka makes shocking discovery over Britney’s death

A disturbing new twist for Terese Willis has aired on Neighbours, with Leo Tanaka now accusing her for Britney Barnes’ murder.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) had already blamed herself for the storm-damaged Flamingo Bar, which resulted in Britney’s untimely death.

Britney’s grieving partner Leo finally discovered what Terese has been hiding about the storm night in Thursday’s episode on Channel 5.

Following Britney’s death, Leo decided to sue the city council, feeling that someone should be held guilty.

Leo approached Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and requested a copy of the Lassiters storm safety report as part of his efforts.

Chloe’s refusal to hand over the report right away piqued Leo’s interest, as it seemed to indicate that the company had something to hide.

After a marriage counselling session, Terese and her estranged husband Paul (Stefan Dennis) returned to the penthouse.


Paul realised that his constant meddling in his family’s lives could be a response to traumas from his past, and the two appeared to have made progress by opening up to each other.

However, Leo burst into the penthouse after obtaining a copy of the Lassiters safety report, interrupting the moment.

Leo confronted Terese and asked, “How can you live with yourself?” despite Chloe’s protests that he’d read an incomplete version of the document.

When Terese asked what he was talking about, Leo explained: “The report on safety. The one who makes it quite plain that you are the cause of Britney’s death.”

Terese acknowledged to Chloe last week that witnessing Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) and Sharon Canning (Natasha Herbert) together had distracted her from evacuating the Flamingo Bar during the storm.

With such tight constraints, Chloe pointed out that Terese’s delay would have made little impact.

“She allegedly had an opportunity to evacuate the pub sooner than it was, but she was too busy dealing with her own personal difficulties,” Tim Kano, who portrays Leo, previously told Digital Spy.

“Leo is on a warpath against Terese, and he wants someone to pay for it.” As a genuine Robinson would, he ends up performing his own study by sneaking around to see what else may have been done.

“When the conclusion is reached that it may have been Terese’s fault, he sees red and rushes after her.”

Is it possible to persuade Leo to change his mind, or is this the start of a long-term feud between him and Terese?

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