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Neighbours announces Gemma Bird Matheson as new cast member

Gemma Bird Matheson will be the show’s newest cast member, according to Neighbours.

In the UK, Matheson will debut as Kiri Hua Durant on March 9th, with the character touted as “a bit mysterious and seductive,” “very morally-driven,” and “a lovely girl at heart.”

Matheson continued, “She definitely finds herself in the thick of a lot of turmoil.”

“I was honoured to be a part of such an iconic Australian show,” she said, “but I was also excited by what this representation would mean for a lot of people, especially on such a mainstream show.”

“I’m a strong supporter of LGBT actors in queer roles. This role excites me for various reasons, one of which is that I get to play myself, a queer Papua New Guinean Christian. That’s a huge accomplishment.”

“It’s already been such a tremendous learning experience,” Matheson said of her time on set so far.

She added, “The tempo at which Neighbours films is unlike anything I’ve ever worked on.” “It equips you with talents you won’t be able to learn anywhere else.”


Kiri hasn’t been given any further information about who she’ll be engaging with when she arrives on Ramsay Street.

After Phoebe Roberts joined the series as Freya Wozniak, Matheson becomes the second new regular cast member of 2022.

Freya has started dating Levi Canning, but her true intentions are unclear as she tries to take advantage of Levi’s position as a police constable.

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