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DEATH IN RAMSAY STREET Who dies in Neighbours this week?

After a storm ravaged Kyle and Roxy’s big day, lives are left hanging by a thread in Neighbours.

While everyone was looking forward to the couple’s wedding, viewers had to accept the fact that one of the characters will die an untimely death. Figure out who it is.

This week on Neighbours, who dies?

Erinsborough has already succumbed to death two weeks into January 2022.

Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning (Zima Anderson and Chris Milligan) married in a new episode that aired on Channel 5 yesterday.

Kyle had enough obstacles to overcome as he was determined to make Roxy his wife, despite her attempts to put it off.

Kyle, however, was so eager to tie the knot that he ignored all warnings that a storm was approaching the borough.

Everyone ignored what was building as the newlyweds and their guests celebrated their union, much to their disadvantage.


The flimsy Flamingo bar, where everyone had planned to party the night away, was no match for the storm, and it was rapidly destroyed.

One character died as a result of a single lightning strike.

New photographs released ahead of the episode revealed that two characters will be severely injured as a result of the disaster.

Under the rubble, both Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Britney (Montana Cox) are bloodied and unconscious, but who will survive the week?

The Tanaka family has lost a member: Britney’s life was tragically cut short, leaving her lover Leo (Tim Kano) to raise their baby Abigail alone.

What happened to Paul, though?

What is going to happen to Paul Robinson?

With a rocky start to 2022, including saving his estranged wife Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) from falling off the roof of the Lassiters Hotel and dealing with his brother Glen Donnelly’s (Richard Huggett) return, some Neighbours watchers may have thought Paul’s time was up.

Terese found her spouse asleep in the debris following the tragic events of the wedding, while Leo tried to aid his critically injured other half.

Terese, distraught, imagines the worst as she tries to rouse her husband, stating that they can work on their marriage.

Despite being among the victims, the legendary character was spared.

The Australian drama will feature a surprising time leap in today’s episode (scheduled to air on Channel 5 at 1:45pm) when Ramsay Street residents gather for a memorial to pay their respects to Britney.

However, her name will not be known until the memorial begins, leaving Paul to battle for his life.

How will the survivors deal with the consequences of the storm?

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