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10 Peach doubles up on Neighbours episodes in time for finale

From June, Network 10 will broadcast double episodes so that Australian fans are not spoiled by episodes broadcast in the United Kingdom.

Fans of Neighbours will be relieved to learn that the final episode will air simultaneously in Australia and the United Kingdom.

On Monday, June 13, 10 Peach will broadcast double episodes to correct a recent latency that has affected programmes in Australia.

“Friends of Ramsay St can tune in to twice the fun, double the action with double episodes starting Monday June 13 to mark the final season of Neighbours,” a Network 10 representative told TV Tonight.

“On Monday, August 1st, the ultimate series finale will air.”

This prevents fans from learning about storyline spoilers for the show’s last six weeks.

After it became evident that the show would not be renewed beyond mid-year, fans and critics in Australia encouraged 10 to address the issue.


Beverley McGarvey, 10 vice president and chief content officer, bemoaned the show’s demise this week after producers Fremantle were unable to find a new British broadcaster.

“We’d love to be able to continue doing it.” “Unfortunately, we won’t be able to continue until they find overseas partners,” she said.


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