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New Home and Away promo shows Tane and Flick reunion

Tane and Felicity are scheduled to spend the night together, according to a new Home and Away teaser, while Mackenzie learns the truth about Levi, her new love interest.

After learning that Flick was still taking her birth control pills, even though the two had decided to try for a child, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) have been apart for several months.

Tane ended their relationship right away since he couldn’t forgive his wife’s behaviour. Ever since, Felicity has attempted to persuade him to change his views, but he has resisted.

When Tane and Felicity shared a moment at Northern Districts Hospital during the week of the Australian Season Finale, there was a brief moment of doubt, but Tane quickly clarified that even though he still loved Felicity, it didn’t mean they could be together.

Tane informed Felicity in last week’s episodes that they were just on different paths in life and that their disagreements over having children would have probably meant that their marriage would have ended sooner rather than later.

Felicity eventually came to terms with the end of it all and removed her wedding bands, while Tane foolishly tried to go on by giving Harper (Jessica Redmayne) a kiss.

Felicity attempted to move on this week’s episodes by thinking about dating for the first time, following some guidance from Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

Even if she lacked the confidence to return a man’s call after he left his number on a beermat, the fact that she gave it some thought was a positive start.

Because of this, the events in a recent Home and Away commercial, which ran following Tuesday’s show in Australia, are a little unexpected. We hear Tane say, “I’ve missed you too,” after Felicity tells him she has missed him.

She says to someone at Salt, “We belong together,” and then we are taken to the old Parata house, which is now Felicity and Cash’s home. There, we witness the couple kissing until Felicity takes off Tane’s shirt and leaps into his arms.

The two then enter the bedroom, failing to remember that their preferred activity is precisely what led to their initial mess.

What might go wrong, if anything?

The reality about her new love interest, Dr. Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey), who operated on her a few weeks ago, will come as a shock to Mackenzie (Emily Weir) next week.

Within days of Mackenzie’s hospital discharge, the doctor and patient shared a kiss. Mac appears to be infatuated with Levi right away, not realising that he is concealing a very big secret.

As Mali (Kyle Shilling) pointed out quite bluntly when he returned home to discover the couple in bed, it’s bad enough that Dr. Levi used to be Mackenzie’s doctor, but it appears his moral quandaries don’t end there.

We watched him last week take a call from an unidentified caller, informing them that he wouldn’t be home that evening due to an issue that had arisen at the hospital.

The latest teaser features Mackenzie and Levi strolling along the shore before Mac says, “Do you want me?” to Levi.

“Yes,” he answers, and then more images of the couple kissing at Mackenzie’s farmhouse appear.

Then, it seems as though Levi realises what he’s doing, since he stops things abruptly.

Mackenzie begs, “What’s wrong?” but Levi can only manage, “I have to go,” before heading out.

Mackenzie says to Levi in a different scene, “You either want to be with me or you don’t.”

She says sharply, “So what is it?” as he swiftly answers, “I do.”

“My spouse and I are wed!”

Mackenzie receives the news with a bang. She urges him to tell her that his marriage is a disgrace, but he clarifies that he is married to someone he loves.

“What took place?”

“I had the pleasure of meeting you!” Levi responds.

Now that Mackenzie is aware of the reality of Levi’s life outside from Summer Bay, will she still pursue him?

Hopefully, Mackenzie’s past with Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) is not going to repeat itself. That is, until Ari’s ex-girlfriend and true love, Mia Anderson (Anna Samson), moved to Summer Bay.

Will one of the most cherished couples in Summer Bay eventually make their way back to one another in the upcoming weeks?

“What’s going on between us?” inquires Justin in the romantic trailer.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s Australian episode, Theo (Matt Evans) revealed to Leah the extent of her fiancé’s pain, and she eventually showed up at the garage.

After going on a mental health retreat, she returned to Summer Bay recently, but since then, she has been too afraid to trust Justin again after she threatened him with a knife in the last few days of the 2023 season.

The teaser appears to indicate that she’s still not able to move on from him, as she tells Justin she has to go before hurriedly leaving the garage.

As Justin loses control of his rage, she stops dead in her tracks and hears the crash of tools coming from the garage.

Then, we hear the voice of Courtney Clarke’s new character Valerie, Leah’s retreat roommate, who will make her television debut on Monday of next week.

“You love Justin, Justin loves you, what are you doing?” Valerie queries.

Justin puts his cards on the table as they reunite in the parks next to the beach.

“Leah, I want you back.”

But once more, she must disappoint him.

“I doubt that I’m capable of it. Not right now.

Will Valerie, the newcomer, assist Leah in returning to Justin?


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