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Home and Away star Penny McNamee announces exit as Tori Morgan

Penny McNamee, who played Tori Morgan on Home and Away, has announced her departure.

Penny, who first appeared on screen in May of 2016, is leaving the programme after more than five years. The forthcoming wedding plot for Tori and her lover Christian Green (Ditch Davey) is the “ideal send-off for my character,” according to the actor in an interview with WHO magazine.

“I’m not the kind to look backwards,” she explained. “I’m a firm believer magnum test c 300 that everything has a season, and leaving the programme felt like the end of one.”

“I’m really appreciative for the incredible experience I’ve had on the programme.”

Penny said the following when asked about her time as Tori: “It was great to be given such a fantastic role. She was a doctor with a successful profession, and she’d lost both of her parents, so she decided to start a family on her own. Every day, it was a struggle to play this complex woman, but I enjoyed it.

“I had a lot of fun learning about medicine and surgery, as well as the technical jargon she employed.

“I don’t believe I would have stayed on the show for as long if her character was just someone who went to the restaurant every day and spoke about her lover.”


Tori and Christian have decided to leave Summer Bay after the wedding to start a new life in England, with Tori accepting a position at a London hospital.

The wedding will be shown in Australia on September 27 and in the United Kingdom a few weeks later.

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