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Home and Away promo shows Tex out of prison and Cash in trouble

As Tex is now free and seeking retribution, a new Home and Away ad reveals that Cash’s problems are far from done. Mackenzie and Gabe are going to combine their personal and professional lives.

It appeared as though Tane Parata’s (Ethan Browne) gang issues were over when Rose planned a raid on the Death Adders bikie gang headquarters last year.

After Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), a member of the Death Adder motorcycle gang, stole from the Paratas more than ten years ago, the group came to Summer Bay seeking retribution. As Ari had already succumbed to cancer, they turned their attention to Tane and rapidly seized control of the gym in order to utilise it as a money laundering scheme.

In a spectacular police operation, things came to a climax when Rose (Kirsty Marillier) led a raid on the gang’s headquarters. She collaborated with Tane, who went to the gang’s headquarters while wearing a wire, enabling the police to acquire the necessary evidence.

The gang’s commander, Marty (Ben Wood), was shot and murdered during the raid by Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), while second-in-command Tex (Lucas Linehan), formerly known as Leigh and a known bikie associate, was detained and imprisoned. With the exception of the wounds Cash received during the operation, it appeared that the police had been successful in apprehending and imprisoning a significant portion of the gang.

The group eventually left Tane alone, but not before seeking retribution against Cash for killing their leader Marty. With a reward for the person who kills Cash, they ordered a hit.

The night before Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane’s wedding, they carried out their plan by severing the brake lines of the ute that Cash was supposed to be using to transport his sister to her wedding.

When Felicity changed her mind, Cash abandoned their scheme and went to the wedding location in a different vehicle, leaving Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) to take Felicity there in the ute. Although the car crashed as intended, Eden is the one who is currently in the hospital battling for her life.

Cash learned last week that he was the intended victim, and he is now seeking retribution. He came to the conclusion that the gang must have been listening to him because they knew he would be taking the ute to the wedding. He ultimately discovered several listening devices hidden throughout the Parata residence.

He still had to provide evidence that the bikies were responsible for installing the listening devices and severing the brake lines.

He paid Tex an off-the-record visit in jail where Tex seemed to be ignorant before expressing regret that Felicity and Eden were injured.

That was the proof Cash required, as Tex could only have learned Eden’s identity and her role in the accident if he and his friends had been paying attention.

He demanded a meeting with whoever was on the other end while at Summer Bay by speaking into one of the gadgets.

After Thursday’s episode, a new promo was released, and it shows that Cash’s tale will continue to take unexpected turns because Tex has managed to break out of jail and is on the verge of pursuing Cash.

We see Cash by Eden’s bedside as he assures her that he’ll “make them pay for what they’ve done” following a sequence of flashbacks to the automobile accident, which is still haunting Felicity.

Before leaving the hospital to carry out his plan, Cash tells Eden how he feels about the risky decision he’s making to go after the bikers.

He was hesitant to date Eden when she first moved to Summer Bay because he was still traumatised by the end of his relationship with Jasmine. However, the accident has made him second-guess that choice.

“I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me in case things don’t go the way I want them to. Time for me to act is now.

Then, we see Tex talking on the phone to someone, and it appears that he is not phoning from a prison!

He says, “Go get him now.”

Then Cash is escorted from the restaurant by a man in Salt who has a gun in his coat pocket.

Cash planned to meet up with the gang, but it’s doubtful that he anticipated running with Tex outside of jail. How exactly did the gangster escape?

We witness Cash being led by Tex. They’re in a rural area surrounded by farms and verdant fields, and several of the gang’s distinctive motorbikes are parked close by.

Tex adds menacingly, “You’re the one who stated you wanted to finish this.

What plans does he have?

Behind a van, Tane observes the action.

Will he be able to stop Cash from being led away from the Surf Club building when he saw him being led out there?

As Cash is being pushed to the ground by several of the gang’s pals, Tex orders him to “have a look around.” It will be the final thing you ever witness.

Along with the footage of Cash and Tex, the teaser also shows another police raid. We can only hope that this one won’t turn out like the last one.

Rose has a shocked expression on her face as he shouts for everyone to get down.

Has Tex, the man who tricked her into a relationship so he could evade the scrutiny of the police, just come into view?

Whatever transpires, it appears that there is still plenty to be done!

The teaser also depicts what Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and her ex-fiance Gabe will do next (Akos Armont).

At the end of the previous week, Gabe landed at Summer Bay on his way to Salt, where he planned to locate Mackenzie.

She froze when she entered and saw him. She made a fast call to Dean, who she forced to get in his car and drive to the restaurant so he could eject the enigmatical man.

At some point, Mackenzie acknowledged that the man was her former fiancé. The two had been planning to wed for a while, but Gabe called off their engagement just two months before the ceremony, leaving only a note.

In the end, it was revealed that Gabe’s company was about to fail, and Mackenzie and Dean’s cunning father Rick offered to pay him $50,000 to leave Mackenzie and leave town without giving a reason.

Years later, he has returned to look for Mackenzie, calling his initial choice the worst mistake of his life. As a sign that this wasn’t about the money, he gave Mac the $50,000 and told her that all he wanted was for her to forgive him.

Unexpectedly, Mackenzie felt that giving him another chance was worthwhile and agreed to spend time with him to see where things went.

In the newest advertisement, it is evident that things will move swiftly in the next weeks.

The future Mac had imagined for the two of us is still conceivable if she so desires, according to Gabe.

The two of them may then be seen seated behind Salt’s bar.

She says, “Let’s do this.” It’s all of it!

Gabe promises her, “I won’t ever hurt you again.”

Before Mackenzie leaps into Gabe’s arms, we witness the couple kissing at the Farmhouse.

When Dean gets home, he is shocked to see his sister in the kitchen, looking unkempt.

Despite Mac’s best efforts, her brother is unconvinced that “that is not what it looks like.”

If you were wearing pants, I’d have more faith in you.

While Mackenzie might be thrilled to see her ex again, is Gabe in Summer Bay searching for anything deeper than just love?

If Mackenzie and Gabe can “blend business and pleasure,” the episode synopses for the episodes showing next Wednesday, January 25, and Thursday, January 26, question. the sentence “Mackenzie and Gabe start a new chapter” comes before.

Could Gabe be about to invest in Salt given that the promo shows the couple working behind the bar there?

The fact that Mackenzie would accept money for her company and afterwards regret it wouldn’t be the first time. Let’s hope Gabe has good intentions and won’t break Mac’s heart once more while he’s in Summer Bay.

Last but not least, the latest teaser depicts Ziggy going into labour at some point in the coming weeks.

Prepare to welcome the newest Astoni/Thompson family member!


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