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124 classic Home and Away episodes available to stream

124 vintage episodes of Home and Away have been added to 7Plus, commemorating 35 years of births, marriages, deaths, and tragedies.

The addition of vintage Home and Away episodes to Seven’s 7Plus streaming service in Australia was revealed last week.

Now that the episodes have been uploaded, we may celebrate 20 births, 33 weddings, and become sad over 33 tragedies and significant occurrences, as well as 28 deaths, over the course of the 124 episodes.

There is also the Pilot episode, which starts Summer Bay fans at the very beginning.

Key episodes include Alf and Ailsa’s wedding, the 1995 plane catastrophe, Cyclone Raymond from 1997, the 2000 landslide, the 2002 bus crash, Noah’s shooting as part of the 2004 stalker narrative, and the more recent reveal of Witness X from 2020.

Australian audiences may now watch every episode on 7Plus.

UK viewers don’t have access to the collection, yet Channel 5 are uploading a new episode to My5 each day until the end of December, and a total of 35 episodes will be available by the end of the month.


The full list of episodes on 7Plus is as follows:

Pilot (1988) (1988)

The story of the Fletcher family from the very beginning.

Fletcher, Christopher (1988)

Christopher Fletcher is welcomed by his parents, Tom and Pippa Fletcher.

Lisa Mackenzie (1988)

Baby Martha is welcomed by Roo Stewart.

Doug Stewart (1989)

While Alf and Tom cling to life with all of their might, a traumatised Ailsa rebels against the birth of her child.

Lisa Simpson (1992)

A baby girl is born to Sophie.

Ross, Dale (1992)

Baby boy is born to Pippa.

Jr. Shane Parrish (1996)

A baby boy is born to Angel.

Richards, Olivia Fraser (1998)

As Chloe counts down the contractions till her baby is born, she is in tremendous pain.

Toby Fisher (1999)

Byron Vincent Fisher is born thanks to Marilyn.

VJ Patterson and Lily Nash (2001)

Will, Gypsy, Leah, and Vinnie all become proud parents. However, both couples’ lives are completely altered in a split second.

Simpson, David (2003)

David, like many babies born in Summer Bay, was delivered at an inconvenient time. Sophie goes into labour at Sally’s hen party on a remote beach, necessitating Flynn’s use of an abseil to assist with the delivery.

Toby Saunders (2004)

Will Sally and Flynn get there in time for their baby’s birth?

Mr. Hunter (2005)

Scott gives birth to Hayley’s child while he is stranded in a wilderness. But a terrible event soon ends their happiness.

Hunter, Ella (2006)

Tasha’s kid makes a dramatic debut into the world, and she is hurriedly taken in for emergency surgery.

Arron Hyde (2007)

Kim must assist Kit in giving birth while they are stranded in the bush, but their happiness is quickly ruined by a terrible catastrophe.

John Holden (2009)

The birth of the baby is urgent for Rachel, but where is Tony?

Frankie Franklin (2011)

Nicole gives birth to a boy with the aid of Angelo.

Scott-Braxton, Rocco (2012)

Heath and Bianca are compelled to talk about what to do if the birth has any issues.

Bradley Harley (2014)

On the beach, Jess experiences labour and gives birth to Harley.

Jr. Casey Braxton (2015)

When Ricky gives birth, Brax is unaware.

Faith Morgan (2019)

a crucial time for Tori.

Fletcher, Tom (1990)

The Fletcher family experiences a tragedy.

Croft, David (1991)

Being able to trick the cops, Karen goes one step farther with tragic results.

In Meg Bowman (1992)

Blake holds Meg as she passes away calmly while they both watch the sunrise.

Theodore Marshall (1993)

The couple’s pleasure is over after a horrific accident.

Scott Parrish (1996)

Despite being taken urgently to the hospital, Shane cannot be saved. Angel bids Shane farewell but finds it difficult to speak to Dylan.

Steven Ross (1996)

Irene starts to have doubts about Steven and Selina. The birth of Angel’s kid occurs ten weeks early. Michael gets lost in the flood waves after helping Sam.

Ingrid Stewart (2000)

The Stewart family suffers tragedy when Ailsa suffers a heart attack after moving several large boxes that Alf had neglected to shift.

Ailsa’s spectre (2002)

Ailsa appears to have returned from the grave, and Alf is startled to see her in the diner.

Theo Lawson (2004)

After the violent rampage, Summer Bay is in disarray. It’s time to bid a pal a final farewell.

In honour of Noah Lawson (2004)

The Bay bids a favourite farewell.

Airy Saunders (2006)

Bay is roiled by tragedy. Alf promises to change Flynn’s life.

Ingrid Vincent (2006)

How long can Cassie and Macca get away with their affair as Cassie and Brad fulfil Emily’s final wish?

Baker, Dan (2008)

Sam brings Johnny Cooper into Tony’s home, endangering her family and friends in the process. Will a road trip for teenagers become the adventure of a lifetime? The world of Leah crumbles.

Holden, Sam (2008)

A tragedy occurs, causing panic in Summer Bay, and the lives of some of our favourite residents will be altered forever.

Holden, Jack (2008)

On a night that Summer Bay will never forget, Melody brings about tragedy at the school formal.

De Bono, Lou (2009)

The return to the Bay of one person is met with hatred. Xavier is concerned for his brother’s security.

Taylor, Belle (2009)

Aden is making an effort to remain calm, but he is concerned by how quickly Belle’s condition seems to be becoming worse.

Chuck Buckton (2011)

Indi advises Romeo to apply for a position at the resort because Sid’s job at the hospital is at danger.

Henderson, Stu (2012)

Xavier decides to remain at the academy. Meanwhile, Summer Bay learns a startling fact.

D. Braxton (2012)

Danny has been shot, as discovered by Brax and Natalie.

Gina Palmer (2013) (2013)

Gina collapses, unconscious at the wheel of her car.

Casey Braxton (2014) (2014)

Casey dies in brother Darryl (Brax’s) arms.

Billie Ashford (2017) (2017)

The most shocking news shocks Summer Bay. In the midst of tragedy, a surprise wedding.

Mary Ellis (2017)

How will Mason react to the Beth-related news?

By Kat Chapman (2017)

Tori is concerned Justin may assist a distraught Ash in exacting revenge on Robbo.

Nixon, Ross (2019)

Is Colby on the verge of going too far?

T. O. Reilly (2019)

Irene’s network of supporters changes for the worse.

Morgan, Mason (2020)

Due to an unexpected threat, lives are in danger.

Ronnie Shaw (2020)

When Colby breaks the bad news to Jasmine, her entire world crumbles.

Slater, Evan (2020)

Evan and Ryder had a heartfelt exchange. Colby narrows his focus to Ari. Martha visits Merimbula once more.

Alf’s Suggestion (1988)

Ailsa accepts Alf’s second marriage proposal, this time to him.

Ailsa and Alf (1988)

Alf and Ailsa travel to the city to discreetly wed.

Bobby and Frank (1989)

Frank and Bobby are wed by Reverend Flowers.

and Carly, Ben (1990)

Ben returns to Summer Bay at last, where he and Carly are wed.

Michael and Pippa (1991)

Pippa begins to have second, third, and fourth thoughts about wedlock with Michael, but ultimately they say “I do.”

Angel and Shane (1995)

Angel comes down the aisle to marry Shane after overcoming hardship.

Fisher makes Marilyn an offer (1996)

Fisher asks Marilyn to marry him.

Fish and Marilyn (1996)

The big day for Marilyn and Fisher finally arrives. Shannon offers to make the video and spends the day filming the memorable moments as Rebecca fusses over Fisher. However, does everything go off without a hitch?

Randy and Rebecca (1997)

The weather is ideal for a white wedding!

Vince and Leah (2001)

The wedding of Leah and Vinnie is surrounded by anticipation, anxiety, and family strife.

Gypsy and Will (2002)

After being married, Will and Gypsy permanently depart from the Bay.

Flynn and Sally (2003)

It’s Summer Bay’s biggest wedding of the year, filled with tears, drama, and quite a few surprises!

Kirsty and Kane (2004)

Another covert wedding mirrors that of Beth and Rhys.

Naomi and Hayley (2004)

A dreamy coastal ceremony marries Hayley and Noah. Kirsty and Kane reaffirm their wedding vows.

Dan and Leah (2005)

The big day for Leah and Dan has finally come. Will Amanda’s interference, nevertheless, prevent them from walking down the aisle?

Toby and Tash (2006)

The day of Robbie and Tasha’s wedding is tainted by sadness when a surprising revelation upends their life.

Jack and Martha (2006)

The ideal wedding day of Martha and Jack comes to an unimaginable conclusion as Zoe exacts her ferocious final retaliation.

Rebecca and Kim (2006)

Kim and Rachel are married on a perfect day for a wedding. But regrettably, the young newlyweds receive a surprising visitor that evening.

Jennifer and Peter (2007)

In order to exact revenge on Amanda, Kelli and Ethan are getting ready to ruin her wedding.

Morag and Ross (2008)

Ross and Morag exchange vows. Martha gets ready to have surgery. Roman grows more worried about Nicole.

Anthony and Rachel (2009)

As catastrophe strikes, Tony and Rachel exchange vows, and Rachel gives a moving speech in which she declares her love for Tony.

Aden and Belle (2009)

Aden has trouble deciding whether he can marry Belle after the truth is revealed.

John and Gina (2010)

John Palmer and Gina Austin were married in unusual circumstances.

Indi and Romeo (2011)

Will Sid prevent the marriage of Indi and Romeo?

Liam and Bianca (2012)

The big day for Liam and Bianca has finally arrived. However, Bianca’s feelings for Heath are still a concern as the ceremony draws closer. Will she arrive in time for her wedding, or will Liam be left waiting for her by himself?

Bianca and Heath (2013)

The day of Bianca and Heath’s wedding has come.

May and Dex (2013)

Will April proceed with the nuptials?

Jennifer and John (2014)

John and Marilyn are married at last!

Nate and Ricky (2015)

Nate worries that he was abandoned at the altar.

Zac and Leah (2015)

Finally, Leah and Zac got married. At the wedding, Charlotte makes a threat to divulge everyone’s secrets. Irene goes off the rails.

& Billie, VJ (2016)

Billie isn’t as sure about the wedding as VJ is.

Ziggy and Brody (2018)

Will Brody and Ziggy find true love and happiness?

Chelsea and Colby (2018)

The lovely wedding of Colby and Chelsea portends a promising future. The presence of love is palpable, but will it endure?

Robbie and Jasmine (2019)

The lives of Tori, Robbo, and Jasmine are permanently altered.

Martha and Alf (2020)

Martha and Alf share a memorable moment.


air crash (1995)

With one casualty, the plane wreckage has been located.

car accident and a bushfire (1995)

Nelson is rendered helpless as he sees Jack trapped inside the burning automobile. While Fisher is attempting to save the school from the fire that consumes Summer Bay, his own home is destroyed.

bomb detonation (1996)

An explosion causes blindness in Alex.

Marilyn paraches (1997)

Fisher is horrified when Marilyn’s jump is interrupted by a crosswind.

Part 1 of Cyclone Raymond (1997)

At the school, everyone congregates in anticipation of Cyclone Raymond.

Part 2 of Cyclone Raymond (1997)

Cyclone Raymond’s remnants are caught by Summer Bay.

Holding Alisa at gunpoint (1998)

A shooting tragedy results from a robbery at the diner.

Robbie saves Gypsy (1999)

The Nash family screams in despair as they are trapped inside a blazing house by ravenous flames.

Duncan detonates his explosive (1999)

Duncan’s bomb decimates Alf to pieces!

Landslide (2000) (2000)

The lives of the people who reside in Summer Bay are at danger due to bad weather.

Bus Crash: First Part (2002)

The tenth grade trip ends tragically.

Bus Crash: Second Part (2002)

To save the passengers trapped inside the bus, a last-ditch rescue effort is launched.

Storm damage to the MV Mirigini: Part 1 (2002)

Tragic events occur as a storm hits the cruise ship MV Mirigini as it leaves Summer Bay.

Storm damage to MV Mirigini: second part (2002)

Tragic events occur as a storm hits the cruise ship MV Mirigini as it leaves Summer Bay.

Storm damages MV Mirigini: third part (2002)

the storm’s aftereffects. The SES begins looking for the missing individuals.

Part four of the “MV Mirigini Storm” (2002)

the storm’s aftereffects. The SES begins looking for the missing individuals.

mine entrance (2004)

The Sutherland family is devastated by tragedy.

car crash on a cliff (2004)

Summer Bay is in disbelief following the tragic incident.

A stalker kills Noah (2004)

A terrifying night comes to an end tragically as Sarah goes on her last killing rampage.

Cyclone (2006) (2006)

The town of Summer Bay prepares for destruction as the hurricane barrels past it.

helicopter crash (2006)

Another unplanned tragedy strikes them, altering Summer Bay for good.

Fire at Summer Bay High (2006)

Sally and Belle are still trapped in the burning school, fighting for their life.

Sally was knifed (2006)

One of the Bay’s most beloved citizens’ life is in danger after a violent attack.

Burning at the formal (2008)

Melody wrecks havoc during the school formal in the 2008 series finale, making it a night that Summer Bay will never forget.

large storm (2011)

As a result of Harvey’s boat sinking in the storm, Alf and Romeo launch a search for Harvey’s charter. Romeo and Harvey are put in a potentially fatal predicament.

explosion at the caravan park (2016)

A fatal explosion at the hospital benefit alters Summer Bay for all time.

explosion in a cabin (2017)

Will Scarlett survive the ordeal? Are any of the others in critical condition?

Attack at Wrecking Yard (2017)

Is Robbo able to protect Kat from Novak?

car accident (2017)

Have Robbo and Kat exchanged their final farewells?

auto pursuit (2018)

A fatal problem arises in Justin’s attempt to get rid of Robbo.

Robbo and Ash square off (2018)

Will Robbo eventually be apprehended?

Ava was abducted (2018)

There is a race to free Ava from her captors.

tunnel failure (2018)

Raffy is trapped in the tunnel, putting her life in peril.

Ross Nixon pursuit (2019)

Ross gives Colby a terrible option.

Ross Nixon versus (2019)

Colby and Dean are put on a dangerous path by tragedy.

State of hostage (2020)

Can Robbo persuade Scott to forgo killing him in order to save Jasmine?

Witness X disclose (2020)

The identity of Witness X is revealed as the trial for Colby gets underway, dropping a bombshell.

Inmate assault on Colby (2020)

Colby is at risk.

A new “FAST” channel has also been launched to 7Plus, which streams a different vintage episode of Home and Away every day.

Fast channels” are ad-supported channels that continuously broadcast episodes of specialised programmes in order to allow viewers to fully immerse themselves.

The Home and Away fast channel joins a slew of other channels on 7Plus for reality shows like My Kitchen Rules, Farmer Wants a Wife, Australia’s Got Talent, and vintage Australian dramas like A Country Practice and Blue Heelers.


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